Minorities in the UK are a protected species

On the day that I read in the national newspapers of fixed penalty fines of £80 for dropping a cigarette in the street I wonder at the cowardice and hypocrisy of the councils and the police who will impose these fines

Home on leave, I went to Devil's Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale yesterday and couldn't park because travellers had taken over the car and coach park. Caravans, trucks, cars, vans, horses,buggies,dogs, children, litter, rubbish, sewage - you name it - strewn everywhere. Simple question really; why are the laws of this country applied to one section of the community and not to others? All those law abiding citizens who have had a parking ticket issued at Devil's Bridge hands up? ( Several hundreds over the years no doubt) . All those travellers who have had the same penalty applied hands up? (None) . So where are the traffic wardens and police so often seen ticketing tourists in the summer - gone to ground? Told to stay away? Who Knows?

The reason is simple. The police and the authorities to whom we pay council tax are too scared to tackle the travellers but they come down like a ton of bricks on someone who has an address and a properly insured and taxed car.

Incidentally this is not a diatribe against the travellers; good luck to them in snubbing Blair's Kingdom, it's against the police and the councils who operate double standards towards the people who pay their wages.

If ever I get stopped for throwing a cigarette stub or parking for several days, I will simply reply, "I'm a traveller - whatcha gonna make of it?"
A pair of false plates on my car would do well, methinks! Join the bandits, the travellers, the crooks, the vagabonds and the thieves - what have you got to lose!
Hands up those who chew gum, now hands up those that have received a fine under the littering laws for disposing of it on the floor.

I smoke and I take great pains to minimise the impact on other people, I don't even smoke in doors at home. I will go out of my way to through a fag end into the drains if there aren't any litter bins with ash trays on top.

When I see someone being fined for littering (in general) then I will be willing to pay a fine for dropping a fag end, until then they can stuff it

clownbasher said:
Not like the old days when you could hunt them from March through to October
My ol' man used to site manage building sites, and he has many tales of preventing the gippos moving in, mit liberal applications of JCBs...

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