Minor irritations, and making the most of them

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nobbyd, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. In attempt to make Kromeriz's life a bit more stressful, I present this afternoons effort:


    Anyone got anything similar to share? With pics?
  2. No pics, but cut the end off his socks and set his alarm 2 hours early.

    I demand photos of his knees.
  3. I also hid his car in a car park on Thursday (and 'forgotten' where), so now it's just another anonymous white shape under a foot of snow, and took the battery out of the key so he cant get it to flash the lights.

    I'm taking the car tonight apparently, so that's that clever plan fucked then
  4. Immac in his shampoo.

    "I'm dying, me hair's falling out"

    I'm full of great ideas.
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  5. I brushed my teeth with her immac once, (not on purpose..before you ask)..tasted like shit but did a good job on the green fur on my dentures.
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  6. Go into his knicker drawer and cut the gussets out.
  7. I skiff my Nans tea cup everytime i go round to see her and i move the stuff around in her cupboards. She fucking hates me.
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  8. That's actually a good one. Move shit around.

    Who wants to sit next to me in Hell?
  9. As opposed to that being our own personal hell?
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they do have standards down there you know. anyway its purgatory first where you work off your sins in a huuuuge room full of empty pink wine bottles and cold kebabs
  11. Take the hem down off his trousers and put fish bits in there, then sew it back up.

    I'm not giving all my secrets away just yet though.

    Princess Dale
    Aged 20 and a bit
    A big bit
  12. Soak the labels off all the tins in the cupboards. Dry them and glue them back on to randomly selected tins.
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  13. I found pulling one out into a suitable receptacle, then sucking it up in a 10ml syringe, possibly a 5ml depending on size of load delivered, attaching a 21g needle, then injecting the lot in their toothpaste tube works well. Smile smugly every morning as you imagine them brushing away with your Harry Monk.
  14. rubbing raw chillies into the gusset of his undercrackers should give him an embarrassing itch.
    (Best saved for just before a night on the trap.)
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  15. That will give him more than an itch. ;-)
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