minor agai 67. can they charge you again for more

Hi I'm just wanting some advice really. A mate of mine fucked up basically and signed a agai 67 this morning. He was given a extra duty for the weekend coming. His ssm give this this agai. But later on in the day his Oc basically wants a major sanction on him now. He has a copy of the agai he got this morning and was all completed. Am I right in thinking they cannot change his disciplinary action has the agai 67 has already been given to him. I no you can't get done twice for the same incident. Just wondering if the agai can still be changed after signing it. Your
help would be great thanks
Dunno about changing it from a minor sanction to a major one or something much worse, however they can change what your reward is I think.

A few weeks ago I got double agai'd (I done fucked up) signed my paperwork on a Monday saying yep 32hrs worth of work parades over four days while on night gaurd, send it. Tuesday whilst getting my head down when they came with the paperwork again sign here we've reduced it to 16hrs worth of work parade over 4 days whilst still on gaurd, Wednesday they come round again with them (ffs I'm thinking) get down shq & sign it again thankfuly it was reduced to 8hrs worth over 2 days, the day I came off gaurd and the day after.

I believe the desk jockeys should have a better idea as to what can be done in regards to disciplanary action or search dii for the relevant agai chapter.
I think the OP got a free sockpuppet when he joined.
Matchstick sounded like they felt a bit guiltylol . Well yeAh I think they can reduce it h however if it signed I don't think they can give you any more. Just unsure.
The default setting for non criminal military offences is Minor AGAI. If you are a repeat offender, i.e. you keep forgetting to salute, you are constantly late on parade, fart in church etc, then Summary Hearing may take place.

Just a point. Minor AGAI is not a punishment. It is an administrative sanction the idea being that it is rehabilitative and gives you the chance to mend your ways and become a better soldier.

Hope that helps, but to answer your question, if you have accepted your Minor AGAI award, you cannot then be AGAI'd again for the same failing.
Sorry if it was technical, but Im an SME in that area.
Yes that's correct. If this had been an AGAI warned by another NCO the SSM at the point of recording the minor AGAI can decide not to deal with it that way but to report it to the OC for Major Admin Action or prefer a charge for Summary Hearing. Once it is recorded and signed then that is it for those facts.
Must you be given the little red Rights of a soldier book before any administrative action is taken against you? If so what happens if this doesn't happen?


Book Reviewer
You will only receive The Rights Of A Soldier before you receive Disciplinary Action, as opposed to Administrative Action. If you are being AGAId, you will not get a copy because you don't need it.

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