Minor AGAI 67 Action

I am after some advise please. I am currently off on sick leave after an operation, and was asked to go into work today to discuss and complete a handover for my job. However, I was totally ambushed and walked out having been given an informal interview under AGAI 67. Whilst off sick, I have been trying to make arrangements for my posting back to the UK, and due to issues involving removals and the Housing Office, only submitted my travel requirements to our CC within the last week. I have been AGAI'd for submitting the travel arrangements at short notice, failing to handover properly, and my sickness has also been mentioned as a 'failing'. I have never been disciplined during my 12 years in the Army and am after some advice. Can they discipline me whilst I'm off sick and on medication and what avenues of re-dress (if any) do I have, if any?
You've go a lot going on there and it's obviously effecting you.

Your actual AGAI from what you say is the submission of travel arrangements - this must be contrary to a JSP or order. If you are not contrary to the JSP or Order then ask for a review, if you are contrary accept your minor punishment.

Everything else you say just sounds like you're upset and blaming everything on the AGAI.

It's only a minor AGAI, I got one as a WO2 for shouting at a Sgt! Laugh it off.

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