Minnie The Grass?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Yes, tell her either way, what does it matter if she's in a crap relationship

  2. No, she could be any nutter and Private messages should stay Private

  3. Who cares, it's only the internet after all.

  1. ----------------
  2. ..........well, you feckin' lost me after the second paragraph. Far too much going on there.
  3. Absolutely not! If you tell her they are doomed cos he's a man-slut , if you don't they're doomed because she's a suspicious pokey-nose!

    In essence...they're fecked!!!
  4. Bugger, BB beat me to it! He is a cad or she has insecurity issues...would personally step away from both situations.

    PM - the clue is in the title
  5. You seem to have omitted from your poll the option of "publicly disclose the username of the nosey scutter who suspects the bit of squaddie c0ck that she reckons has her name on it".
  6. Do it you cap-licker. Post his name on here so I can mock him. Also post the downtrodden bints name too so I can scoff at her plight and hopefully induce her to self-harm.
  7. I've a can-opener for those tinned worms you have!
  8. Can someone please compress the drivvle that has been post above?? I can't be arrsed to read it.

    Who's nailing what??
  9. Tell her No, but add that it wasn't until you declared yourself to be a bloke that he started grooming you.

  10. Bro's before Ho's


  11. I like the cut of 5A's jib on this one, for God's sake someone nail something and post up a show and tell with pornographic pictures! :p
  12. Smudge - jetlag?

    Ok woman wants to know if her man was grooming Minnie the Minx for shags. Woman has asked Fat_Cav (who is obviously good friend of her man) Fat_Cav is refusing to say but is asking us should he tell?

    Thats how I read it am I right?

    Fat_Cav if you're a friend of this man that's where your loyalty lies, if you're a friend of both of them - stay out of it.
  13. How would Fat_Cav know if he was grooming her?
  14. Because Fat Cav was Minnie The Minx. FFS, Smudge, try to keep up mate.
  15. I think, if I got this right from another thread over the weekend, that fatcav is/was minnie the minx and therefore his mate was actually grooming him..... I think :?