Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by A_team_lewis, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. It's only a week away. And Op tried to figure it out a few weeks ago. But which screenames will be at the infamous comp? And who do I get to face on the endurance run. :twisted:
  2. aah Well the Aberdeen MGB has been put to good use recently... well apart from the bloody snow on the parade square that is! Had a rather baffling phone call from Bootie asking for a loan of my snow shovel.... pity I only had a bloody entrenching tool in the boot of my car.

    No spinning of the bloody boats in the race though this year please... jolly bad form!
  3. I left my boat far too early on the race last year. ended up swimming. and feeling like a titty.
  4. always good for a laugh though mate! Are CUOTC one of those units that has separate teams for half the events ? ie one lot gets beasted rotten by 9 Sqn and then relaxes for half the day until the command tasks kick off, meanwhile another lot are getting warmed up for the MGB speed build?
  5. ah minley, so many memories, so many bruises, oh well Aberdeen will have to do without me this year coming along and stealing the oxygen :D
  6. CC, I believe that CUOTC is entering teams this year on a "can be bothered" basis. The PSI ic trold us we could even turn up and do nothing... reason being "It's a damn good pissup"
  7. Minley eh? Running through all that mud with a tractor tyre then getting to the finish only to prepare for the boat race. Magic.
    Dunno bout the piss up though, the queue for the bar on the first night was insane, I ended up buying 5 drinks and finishing them before
    I got back to my seat!
  8. yep i aggree, ive done a fair few in my day and the piss up aint much to sing about!! The other comps are better but i still think overall Minley is the best competition, 8O 8O Does that make sense!
  9. Could be worse I suppose, could spend two weeks getting paid for putting up styles in farmer Bobs Tarland retreat...
  10. Come again Scali?
  11. Ah Scaly I think you may have hit the nail/screw on the head
  12. Aye very good Scaley... thanks for nearly killing me whilst on Farmer Bobs Stile Council... Bloody 14lb sledge hammer head.

    Too true though I too would rather have been at Minley than being executed with ill-maintained sledge heads in the arrse end of nowhere.
  13. You have many adventures.

    snow is good.

    hammer and snow not so good.
  14. Good advice Bert... I'll bear that in mind.
  15. You can't destroy water, but you can at least attempt to hurt snow using a hammer.

    This would be a futile exercise in regions where there is a vast quantity of snow.