Minitures and suit?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by 2/51, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Would it be appropriate to wear minitures if attending a Regimental homecomming parade in the capacity as a Regimental Association Member who has been asked to attend?

    We have not been given guidence on this from the Association, just told to turn up in Kilts and Glengarrys, but as I will be coming direct from a client meeting, I will be in a suit.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If it Suits you, then yeah. But if not then you don't want to be UnSuitable.
  3. Is there anyone you can ask at the Regimental Association?
  4. I would have thought medals, if appropriate, should be full size. Miniature srea really only for dinner nights where the serving members would be in mess kit.
  5. The Association is administered through the museum, which is shut for the winter so I cannot get an answer on the phone. No e-mail response from the President as yet.

    I can always slip them in my pocket and do a quick "pin em on" if need be I guess.
  6. It's usually full sized on lounge suit and miniatures on dinner jacket.
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  7. True...but still waiting on full sized to be remounted. Ok..settled then...just the regimental tie.

    I am sure no one will miss the meagre collection I have to offer!

    Cheers for the replies chaps.
  8. As it should read.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If you're going to be a pedant it would be miniatures on formal evening wear.
  10. What if you were never a mess member and never had miniatures?
    Should you buy a set and have them mounted?
  11. As said above, miniature medals are only worn on evening dress.
  12. Only if you intend to wear formal evening dress. Or put them in a little picture frame.
  13. HS, No. If never a mess member there is no reason to have miniatures. Full size when the ocasion demands it, nothing when it doesnt. Miniatures are not a requirement, they are not official medals, they are a vanity.
  14. You are perhaps assuming that only mess members or former mess members could ever attend a black tie function where miniatures are suggested in the invitation. However I agree, no miniatures with day dress. (I have seen miniatures worn with day dress by elderly veterans, but who is going to argue with them?)

    To the OP, your homecoming parade seems to have been well supported by the good citizens and I hope that you enjoyed it.
  15. Hackle, No, I make no such assumption. If miniatures are suggested and you have them, great. If not, you will not be incorrectly dressed without them.