Ministry of the bleedin obvious...

"Lead author Romania Iqbal, of McMaster University in Canada, said: "30% of the risk of heart disease in a population could be related to poor diet." "

Tell me- is this a bird or bloke who has no doubt been given a shed-load of dollars to come up with this guff? Is he/she/it Canadian? I always had the highest regard for those who lived north of the 49th parallel before reading this but they're just the same as us. Coming up with information which seems to have been discovered by my 2 year old grandaughter. And the McMaster University, can I apply by post for a grant to try to establish if sh1t stinks?
well fcuk my boots. we must look like right w*nkers to need that pointin out
This is but a bog brush in the money urinal that our government has become.

Buy the Bumper Book of Government Waste and read how a researcher was given £40,000 of government cash (err, sorry, I mean YOUR cash) to ask people whether they thought 'Middle Earth' in the Lord of the Rings movie really exists.

Weep with pride as you realise that NHS Direct has gone multi-lingual. It can now be accessed in the language of your choice - including Zulu, Esperanto and Cherokee. A snip at only quarter of a million quid.

Surf on to the Scottish Parliament web site and admire the multitude of languages that the site has been translated into. English taxpayers are so generous. I was particularly impressed by the 'Scots' language translation of the site:-

"This section o wir wabsite introduces ye til the information that is tae haun on wir wabsite in Scots."

If I'd spoken like that when I was at school in Scotland, I'd have gotten a swift talking to with a large ruler.

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