Ministry of Defence to axe 1,200 employees

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. The Times

    Normally I would be wary of a Times story but this has a direct quote from John Hutton and so cannot be doubted.

    Can the MoD lose so many of its civil servants, is it so people heavy. Perhaps Jim30 can inform us.
  2. Will Outstanding want them to wear uniform though?
  3. The process is called "streamlining" - in essence 25% of the head count in MB is going - of which some posts are military and going back to the front line, while the CS posts are going to be either reallocated or the staff leave the CS.

    The article is full of alarming hyperbole, and reads like someone has seen the worst case impact statements for the process - everyone was concerned at losing people, and tried to put the worst possible spin on it to keep as many as possible. The DIS staff are in for a rough ride of it, but having a good idea of which posts are going, I'm not sure we'll really notice the difference to be honest! A lot of the posts being lost are HR (nearly useless), admin and so on. Where other posts go, its usually the ones that have been gapped for so long that no one will really notice the difference. I know of departments hit by streamlining, and after the initial "oh man where have my people gone", people just crack on and don't really notice.

    As noted, London is going from something like 17 different buildings barely 15 years ago to just 1 now. Its been painful for a lot of people, both military and civilian, but we're nearly there. Hopefully things will be more stable after this.

    Finally the 4300 figure is both Civvy and Mil - there are roughly 50/50 splits in MB at the moment between the two.
  4. Many thanks for the input Jim
  5. Clearly ZANU-NL think so.

    Do you have other information to the contrary?
  6. You sarcastic fucker! :D :D :D
  7. Hopefully they will all come from JHQ - bloody moaning anti-squaddie old gits
  8. And Oustanding :wink:
  9. You're not a fan then?
  10. Is one of them Stabtiffy2B ???? Please let it be so :D
  11. "But the equipment capability branch, which is in charge of procurement, will be severely hit, losing 139 of its 445 staff, a 31 per cent cut".

    If the report means DEC, they actually have very little to do with procurement. They are MEANT to prepare key papers to support and underpin the entire acquisition activity but are so grossly inexperienced and untrained in this work they routinely offload it to IPTs in Bristol, who aren't given the resources to cope. And, it has to be said, the civvies in the IPTs do a generally excellent job. I know it may pain some here to accept this, but many IPTs have very lowly paid civvies routinely doing what SO1s and SO2s in MB are paid 3 times as much to do, on top of their day jobs. In many cases, they actually regard the work as beneath their paygrade, which says something about what MB staff do. This is based on my time in ABW, but I can't imagine it's got any better. If you ask many there what is the biggest hindrance they face, they'd say "DEC". If they are to lose 31% of staff, that's 31% fewer standing in the way of efficiency.
  12. Only 1,200 8O
  13. Harsh - but fair!
  14. Maybe they could forget about buying them chairs for a few years and maybe a few of them could keep their jobs?
  15. My post was due to be relocated rather than deleted. Unfortunatly, I'm leaving on another well deserved promotion :D

    A one sided view point from someone who clearly know's squat. Let me guess; clerical grade who's been in one TLB and one discipline? Or maybe a jumped up graduate entrant?