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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by plassatium, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. The school here is making every class 1/phase 3 (upgrader) student complete a criminal records check.

    I seem mad to me, and there's no policy or order for this to happen.

    Have I missed the memo so to say.

    Does anyone know the legality of this. If nothing exists, its really just up to use to volunteer for the check isn't.

    Forget the you have nothing to worry about about if you have nothing to hide, this place is very bad with all administration let alone something as critical as this float around the place.

    I really have nothing to hide but I don't want anyone running this if there is nothing really forcing us to do it.
  2. Send "key setting" over.
  3. If true seems a bit of a waste of money to me. Surely the S.C or D.V clearance most hold would supercede a C.R.B check?
  4. Not that the whole Barrack Lawer thing flicks my switches, however, it seems a bit pointless due to the fact you a CRB’d each time you wish to carry out a separate function.

    I.E. if you coach kids you will CRB’d you then get it again to work in a school and again for a youth organisation (I think the rules are to be modified slightly in the future)

    Therefor mass CRB for the sake of it seem a pointless waste of money

    PS: SC & DV don’t supersede CRB (crazy I know especially in the case of DV)
  5. If your employer requires a CRB check then they have to pay for it, if they pay for it what's the problem?

    Actually I'm bullshitting a bit because I had to get a CRB check because of my wife's job and I felt it was an invasion of my privacy. It took 11 months and came back as clean as a whistle!
  6. I do hold a DV and this was done Aug 2009. I just don't trust this place.
  7. Is it in case people have committed a crime after joining, not serious enough to get booted, but serious enough to question whether they should be trusted with either the content of the course, or the responsibility they could have after completion?
  8. So what’s the point of SC then :?
  9. SC has a point, BS dosn't. Which beggars the question, why do away with NV and PV?
  10. The CRB checks at the Royal School of Signals are to do with working with phase 2 recruits and (in my opinion) is a kneejerk to the goings on at Deepcut.

    It is paid for from the training budget.
  12. I understand trainers get CRB (if not agree), however the OP is intimating that everyone going through on course are going through the process which is a complete waste of time
  13. I don't know the answer, hence me asking IS IT?

    One upon a time people holding either clearance were regularly tapping the boards for various crimes and they toddled off to class 1 when called to.
  14. Just replying :D :D

    Surely the fact that a soldier must report any change in personal circumstances, including any dealings with law will bring any misdemeanours to light (he said naively 8O )
  15. It is because you may be a block NCO in charge of 17 year olds, They are classed as minors so thats why a CRB check needs to be done just too make sure they arent letting any peados etc near them.

    Dont worry about it too much. I have a couple of cautions for agressive behaviour towards civiies and I still work with the scrotes!