"Ministry of Defence procurement is bankrupt"

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by msr, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Military spending will face a black hole of £36 billion over the next ten years if there is no increase in the defence budget, the National Audit Office warns today.

    As Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, prepares to announce cuts in manpower and equipment totalling £1.5 billion to try to keep within existing budget limits, the NAO says that Ministry of Defence procurement is bankrupt.

  2. Either increase the Armed Forces budget, or stop fucking sending them to war, Bob.
  3. India. A country with nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers being built and a space programme. When the hell are we going to stop sending them the best part of £1b a year in 'aid' and start investing in the mob?
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    A least a pair of new gen super carriers that are going to be finished on time and on budget....

    A space program that out strips our own contributions to the European Space Agency....

    Any chance we can poach India's project management teams cos they are clearly better than our own in-house ones
  5. “The bleak economic outlook means that it is highly unlikely there will be any extra funding to close this financial chasm. Hard decisions need to be taken in the near future,”

    Yet there are still people who think they and their particular part of Sleepy Hollow will somehow remain as is.

    "The Ministry of Defence has a multi-billion pound budgetary black hole which it is trying to fix with a 'save now, pay later' approach. This gives a misleadingly negative picture of how well some major projects in MOD are managed, represents poor value for money and heightens the risk that the equipment our Armed Forces require will not be available when it is needed or in the quantities promised. Bold action will be required to prioritise defence spending as part of the planned Strategic Defence Review after the General Election."

    Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 15 December 2009

    NAO Report
  6. The turncoat Quentin 'Bellend' Davies was smarming on the Ministry of Propaganda & Misinformation (BBC Radio 4) assuring us that everything was fine and that he was the best man for the job - excepting Gordon Brown of course.

    Having listened to this glistening item of the product of defecation, I think the Tories were lucky to lose him. He sums up the worst, the very worst, of the sneering, opportunistic shambles that is the Labour party.

    If I had to have either 'Bellend' or the twerp Ainsworth to my flat for dinner, it would be Ainsworth, because as useless and ineffective as he clearly is, at least I believe him to be honest - honest within the limits of his intellect and the parameters permitted by 'Bottler' Brown and his enforcers that is!
  7. Would that be the same Amyas Morse who had something to do at Defence Procurement Agency a few years back perchance?
  8. THe black hole that the liebour cvnts keep banging on about is all their own work.

    Example: The 6 much complained £1 Billion Destroyers.

    Well, if we actually bought the 14 originally called for in the SDR, they would have cost us about £400 Million a go, instead we have the numbers cut while the huge up front development costs are fixed… genius Liebour planning.

    Other examples of liebour genious… squandering billions of buying the A400M that the RAF didn't even want, they wanted more C-130's and C-17's, planes who's unit costs are falling compared with the A400M that's now years late and the costs per unit are spiralling to the state were the 'cheap' A400M is about the same unit cost as a much more capable C-17.

    Or how about FRES? God knows how much spent on that while the Gov tried to get the Army to make the 'right' choice, Gov wanted us to choose Nexter, Army kept saying Pirahna… wrong answer, so contract pulled and all the money wasted.
  9. It was announced today on BBC 1 morning news there will be a real increase of at least 1% above inflation guarantee
    So not so doom and gloom.............. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I love labour and there spin!
  10. Not many years back: Defence Commercial Director in MoD from 2006-2009, his earlier career having been in the private sector. Sounds like he might know something about what he is talking about.
  11. Quenten Davies is being given a very hard time by the Defence Select Commitee at the moment on the BBC News channel
  12. I read that with your tag about bringing happiness to others and got very confused! And yet that still made sense.... :D
  13. I suppose the financial bankruptcy sits easily with their moral bankruptcy?

    Hey ho!
  14. Yes. A very capable man who did a lot of good with his fellow SCS but frankly you cannot make bricks without straw!

  15. No contract has been pulled, spend from 2003 to date is approx. £130M (peanuts) on R&D, Assessment Phase and technology demonstrators - bang on the remit of pre-Main Gate Smart Acquisition, and not wasted - FRES continues with the Scout programme now taking priority. All in the public domain if you're bothered to look!