Ministry of Defence deploys 229 spin doctors

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. To Afghanistan

  2. To Iraq

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  3. To NI

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  4. To Kosovo

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  5. To Bosnia

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  6. To explain housing problems to serving soldiers partners

  7. To make BOWMAN work as runners if required

  8. As a RPG sheild on Snatch

  9. to the unit QM to explain equipment issues

  10. any other role please detail below

  1. the cost to the taxpayer of the Government's own publicity operation has trebled since 1997, reaching £322 million last year. This sum covers the funding of the marketing and advertising budgets used to promote government policies and initiatives ...Among the Whitehall departments most heavily fortified with public relations spokesmen are those whose contentious policies might be thought to need assiduous handling: the Ministry of Defence (229 spin doctors)

    Article in full
  2. Correction I have just been told that there are at least another 150 PR specialists - some of whom are regulars on ARRSE.
  3. any other role please detail below: missing choice all of the above.
  4. Sentiment granted as Spin Doctors are an effective force multiplier and much in demand by all arms, however they are most effective when deployed on single issues hence the poll, however prehaps we need more?
  5. We seem to have a good degree of consensus on the poll. What this tells me, is that if they were any good as spin doctors, we would all be saying "money well spent and can we have more spin doctors, please".

    Says it all really. I'm not denying that there is an operational role for communicating with and influencing the attitudes of the people in whose country we are operating, but that is not the role of these people.
  6. Do they mean media ops type people, or slimey Blairite lairs telling us how wonderful defence policy is?
  7. Its slimey Blairite lairs telling us (and everyone else) how wonderful defence policy is. They produce the press kits on BOWMAN, SA80, boots, body armour, record recruitment etc. They also cost around sixty thousand at least for entry level.
  8. I may be wrong, but I think the number of PR type people employed by the MOD civil sevice has gone up in rcent years, but the number of Engineers, Scientists etc has gone down.
  9. Of course! But thats just all Industries/Govt not just the Forces, after all its a hell of a lot cheaper to give the impression of general competance or some wonder product/weapon working than ACTUALLY going the the huge effort of doing it for real. If you get caught out then simply deploy more spin doctors to convince the customer/victim that they were mistaken.

    In all honesty with proper media handling we could probably get rid of at least 90% of the Infantry, just have enough to rotate a company to various hotspots and for ceremonial duties.

  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Dunno where you got that number from Jihadi ( wild stab in the dark ?) ....cos it's c0ck.

    The Govt Communications Network salary scale is here:

    What started life as the Ministry of Disinformation, mutated through the Central Office of Information and now provides people who can type two fingered and talk to journalists without curling their lip across Govt, not just MoD.

    So, the highest paid gets a bit less than a SPS Captain then ?....or are these legions of Doktor Schping another breed of Neue Arbeit lowlife I have yet to come across ?

    Le Chevre ( who ain't in the GCN)


    and for info, they already deploy to Iraq,Afghanistan and other theatres in support of Ops worldwide......ask CMA LAND next time you're in Wilton....he will bore you senseless with warry tales of his recent tour in Basra/Al Amarah...
  11. No its not Cock Goatman, its just me using established PR principles to 'set the news agenda', including support services, admin etc the amount goes right above 60K.

    Why are you so sensitive on this subject? Are you one of the ones who have deployed to a forward position in Afghanistan?
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    nope...I only got as far as Umm some friends there at the moment (Camp Bastion)

    What does an SPS Captain get ? Capitation rate (including the pension that kicks in at 55) ? X Factor payable to all, including my Army colleague who has never deployed outside UK in 20 years of service ?

    Not particularly sensitive about it. Just posted a link with some facts in. Where is the dit saying 'entry level salary £60K' - I'll apply tomorrow :)

    I admire your ability to perpetrate teminological inexactitudes on the unsuspecting ARRSE readership - ever thought of working for the Torygraph ? :-D

    Le Chevre
  13. Goatman my 'ability to perpetrate teminological inexactitudes' as you put it has me on a much higher pay scale than the Torygraph could afford.

    The sixty K figure comes from a freind whose company supplies 'media / PR services to the Govt, so I know its solid. If your any good and produce the desired results you'll break 100k no problem.

    Media handling at in country is usually done 'in house' as it were by the Forces vary rarely by the highend contractors that this thread is about - to far from Soho house don't you know.
  15. And this is the point. Media handling is for the benefit of the primarily western viewer to convince them that these wars are worth fighting. Not to be confused with the business of influencing the local population. Entirely different. If the wars were more justifiable, this would be less like pushing water uphill.