Ministry of Defence buys VBS2™ Enterprise License

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For those who do not know VBS2 is based on the same game engine as ArmA "Armed Assault" in US "Combat Operations". and is from the same company that developed "Operation Flashpoint" (OFP) published by Codemasters.

Since this is a rumour site; I thought I would start one: It may well be the MOD and various private organisations working for them would be looking for people with experience using the ArmA/OFP scenario and Addon editor tools. ;-)

Thus it may be of use to develop such a skillset for some people.

You can get hold of the game version of ArmA from most game stores if you would like to practice with it and get used to the editor. There is a demo version of the game available on line but that does not include the full editor.

Press Release:

Bohemia Interactive announces United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) VBS2™ Enterprise License

Australia - 1st May 2007

A PDF version of this release is available here.

Bohemia Interactive is extremely pleased to announce that the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) has purchased an enterprise license of Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2™). The UK MoD VBS2™ license, distributed through Calytrix Pty Ltd (, provides a robust, flexible simulation for use in collective and tactical training, mission rehearsal, experimentation and terrain/3D model visualisation for AO familiarisation.

The decision by the UK MoD to purchase an enterprise license of VBS2™ marks yet another important milestone for the product and further validation that the Real Virtuality engine remains one of the most flexible, extendable and cost-effective military simulation tools available today.

Under the enterprise license, Bohemia Interactive Australia is providing the following software and services to the UK MoD:

Site licenses for VBS2™
VBS2™ tool suite
HLA/DIS Gateway (LVC Game by Calytrix)
Specifically tailored UK module (UK units, vehicles, weaponry, aircraft and ships)
Custom terrain module including an urban area, a large detailed building complex, an airfield and harbor
Gold Support
Training Courses 1, 2 and 3 (VBS2™ for Administrators, VBS2™ Terrain Generation and Modeling in VBS2™)
The enterprise license also includes an upgrade to the VBS2™ Virtual Tool Kit (VTK) when released. The VTK will provide a range of editors that will enable every aspect of the simulation to be easily modified and configured; to the extent that the product could be repackaged by any typical user to suit a new training requirement or demand.

Company Profile

Bohemia Interactive was founded in 1999 as an independent game development company, with studios in the Czech Republic and Australia, focusing on the development of state of the art computer software and the research of advanced real time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. Additional simulation products include Virtual Battlespace (VBS), the Virtual Responder Trainer (VRT) and Loadmaster Virtual Reality Simulation (LVRS).

For more information about BI's product range, visit or contact us at[email][/email]
Kind Regards walker
Actually, there's already a team of blokes working on this at the moment.
Bloody good rumour to start, but unfortunately not much truth in it (the Land Rovers aren't that much cop either ;) )
I bet every squaddie is now logging into JPA and requesting the VBS2 courses thinking it will be a few weeks of games playing :D

I am looking forward to using this (if I ever do) like tankieboy Im pretty familiar with its predecessors. Despite what many of the old school think, it does have value as a training tool so long as it is used properly and doesnt replace exisiting training but compliments it.
To sound geeky; this is a good idea: I remember reading somewhere that thinking about something has the same impact on the brain as actually doing it in real life... not saying that it could replace training, but it is a fun way of complimenting exercises etc...

although I'm not sure how fun it would be, doing it after undergoing a bout of sleep deprivation!!!
Hi amazing__lobster

The technique you are describing is visualization. It is a fairly basic concept that your body can only go where your mind has been first. Visualization has an impact on the brain but not the kinesthetic memory (muscle memory) you cannot learn to be an expert shot with a virtual trainer and you certainly wont get fit by sitting in front of a computer. It is why you still have to do field training but you can learn how to communicate, maneuver and react in a virtual environment.

You can also practice things in a virtual environment that are high risk and unattainable in any other way and you can rehears scenarios and add in changes in a graduated way to bring in concepts step by step.

The other key concept is that you can record everything and you can then review it all in an After Action Review. Was the MG gunner the cause of that friendly fire incident or was it the person who walked across his field of fire? Did you skyline yourself to that opfor sniper or not? etc etc.

For the MOD it is also a lot cheaper and they can train big exercises more often in virtual then when the real big ex is on they have ironed out a lot of the foul ups the silly bureaucratic crud that can waste time before the big ex.

In the end it is just another training tool; though it can be more fun.

Kind Regards walker
Hi Walkerig,

I have covered visualisation in deeper detail, but I just tried to put it into laymans terms for the benefit of people who are not/haven't done a psychology degree - but you just managed to explain even better whilst still keeping it simple... most of the same areas are active in the somatosensory cortex when visualising you are doing something, compared to when you actually do it - that's the effect on the brain.

A similar technique was also observed in study on basket ball players (I think) - the people who visualised they were playing improved more than the people who did no training at all.

Also, I take it from your ArmedA-centric posts that you work for Bohemia?

There have been a few discussions of ArmedA on here before, and they have been pretty positive... although I'm looking forward to the next patch... and the Coldwar mod that is supposedly in the pipeline.
I am not a fan of these games (no time...) but the screen shots look pretty impressive. Thanks for keeping me updated on where we are going!

Im a long-time OFP player and have VBS1 and have to say it is aimed more towards simulation than game as there isnt any campaign as such to go with it. It was only the real 'core' of the OFP community that bought VBS1 and the price at the time was ridiculous. For the core and addons I have, it cost upwards of 300 quid! The worst part is that I have since lost my USB authentication key and no matter who I try to contact, I can never seem to find who it is I request a new one from!

A gaming buddy of mine works on various projects and was involved in VBS1, ArmA (Im sure he stole some of my ideas we discussed over beers and fed them into the development team!), and also some VBS2 work. Every now and then he hints at things but unless we call in the torture experts, he wont break the NDAs he's signed up to.

At the moment Im trying to find time to get involved in Armed Assault but to be honest, in comparison with the community developed stuff for OFP, ArmA is a three wheeled wagon and it'll be a long time yet before its truly playable.
Indigo - I've seen VBS1 torrents on the 'net before, so I'm sure there must be some way around your lost USB key - as I'm assuming they came with some kind of "crack".
amazing__lobster said:
Indigo - I've seen VBS1 torrents on the 'net before, so I'm sure there must be some way around your lost USB key - as I'm assuming they came with some kind of "crack".
AFAIK, the VBS1 torrents work with the core elements only ie: basic install. When you purchase an addon for download or install, its is linked to your key by serial number. What other stuff is used to lock it down I dont know.
The kit shown in the screenshots is the stuff for Armed Assault, rather than the stuff for any MOD VBS2 module.

I'm sure those will be released a bit closer to when it goes live.
US$2002 for VBS2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PC gaming for the rich men!!

Have to say, VBS1 had some great leads in simulation over OFP. I might be a civvy now and have never been given the opportunity to fire a Javelin (shiny arse!), but VBS1 at least gave me a go at it :D
I'm not advocating this... *whistles*... but I just googled "VBS1 torrent", and the web appears to be overflowing with VBS1 torrents (about 800 meg) and the add-on packs (about 500 meg)...

and there also seems to be alot of chatter with regards to people talking about VBS2 torrent... so I'm pretty certain that it will eventually end up on the web... which could make for an interesting ARRSE Lan Party!

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