ministers wasting millions in defence procurements

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by big_mac4824, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. "As an example, the report is said to highlight the decision to delay building the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers, which have been postponed by two years and will not enter service until 2014 and 2016"

    A decision taken because there wasn't enough money in the system, so savings had to be made. It was either slip carrier, or find sufficient funds elsewhere in the Yr1-10 budget - which would have seen things cancelled. Trust me, that decision was a) not taken lightly and b) not taken by civil servants!
  2. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Jim, who sits on the Investment Approvals Board, are there Civil Servants as well as mil

    Its not a dig, I just want to know

    I thought CVF was delayed to ensure they arrive co terminus with JCA, which is late so if they want anyone to blame, blame the makers of the F35
  3. The Govt announced that the CVFs were delayed as money wasn't available to keep to the original timetable - at a cost of approx £1bn extra - madness!!!

  4. the problem is the procurement, the mod buys more vehs for afghan because it is cheaper in the long run than helo's. I remember the land rover trials, the wolf vehicle came bottom, but because it is safeguarded british jobs it was purchased! look into the bowman debarcle! if a civi working for a private company made those decisions he would be sacked!
    rather than putting there hands up and saying we fu**ed up, they just bungle along. the reason why this will not be made public is because it it smells corruption, back handers everywhere! look at PAYD, no squaddie wanted a civillian company to run is scoff! they just wanted to pay for when they ate! it did not need civillian companies, master chefs were and still are running cookhouses, so why the intervention? some one somewhere has done very nicely out of it.

    lets look at procurement, go back to when clansman was bought, there was a better cheaper system, but it was useless after a nuclear explosion, despite the fact that no bugger could operate the system after an explosion, but some nob end of a rupert thought it would be a good requirement.
    why do ruperts hold so much sway over kit procurement? they spend all their time training at sandhurst to lead men and make tactical decisions, what the hell do thay actually know about the kit in use and needed? I 'll tell you fu*k all, but rather than asking the coal face what is needed and then bidding a contract out, they find themselves far too educated to do that! :evil:
  5. "Jim, who sits on the Investment Approvals Board, are there Civil Servants as well as mil"
    For the cuts process it has been the Defence board who look at the Options (Joint Chiefs) and the final ones are taken by Ministers. My point is more that for this process, everyone blames the CS, but when you start digging round most appraisals points, the Cap Branches tend to be military led, and the military are the ones who staff up options for delaying programmes. As usual though its us CS who get the blame!