Ministers to start defence review

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CountryGal, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    A "root and branch" review of Britain's defence policy is to be announced later by the government.

    Ministers are expected to promise an interim "Green Paper" setting out their thinking around the turn of the year.

    This will come before a more substantive Strategic Defence Review after the next general election when key decisions will be made.

    Government sources said the initial review would not consider making cuts to the £36bn defence budget.

    Instead, the review will examine defence policy as a whole - its purpose, the way it works, what the services expects, its technological priorities.

    This means that the government appears to be putting off any substantive spending decisions about defence until after the election

    Conveniant but doubt it will be enough to save labour ;o)
  2. Cuts, Cuts and more cuts with the requirement to still do everything that we are currently doing and more.
  3. Bill Rammell MP on R4's PM now;

    "We have the best equipped Armed Forces in the world"..

    "The Armed Forces greatly respect Bob Ainsworth"

  4. The BBC's out of date.

    A full SDR will begin in the next Parliament, i.e. after recess - NOVEMBER. Pre-election start, then.
  5. Making quotes like that I can see the scum headline tomorrow..........

    Bill Rammell MP arrested while smoking crack on radio 4!

    I hope the old bill gob tube him before he drives!
  6. Review = cuts.

    "Root and branch review"

    cuts in the same way as a tree surgeon dismantles a tree....
  7. As the old saying goes
    We have done so much with so little for so long, we can now do anything with nothing
  8. BOHICA:

    Bend Over - Here It Comes Again! :evil:
  9. I note that Janes Defence Weekly's online edition is reporting that India is going to increase its defence budget by 34% to the equivalent of $29.2 billion for the 2010 Fiscal Year. There are concerns, though, that they'll underspend (again) by a couple of billion dollars.

    Remind me again how much we give in aid to India....
  10. I was listening when he said that, I almost spat my tea out. Chinooks, vehicle vulnerability & a few other things spring to mind. The man is clearly deluded.


  11. £825 Million give or take a few bob…
  12. Well, I'm sure they appreciate DFID (soon to be renamed UKAid, I gather...) giving them that extra flex in their defence budget while we have to scrabble about trying to find enough money for kit.

    I'm not suggesting that we should necessarily deprive India of aid completely, but when they've decided that alleviating poverty is some way down their list of priorities behind defence and their space programme, why do we pick up the slack for them? Why has Cameron pledged not to touch the international aid budget, when a chunk of that given to India might be spent in such a way that it'd mean the difference between chaps in Afghanistan coming home in one piece or not? Very... odd. Still, it'll keep Bono happy as he flies around the world in his Boeing 727 lecturing us about the need to reduce our carbon footprint, eh?
  13. Why?

    Please note how many potential voters hail from the sub Continent…

    It's all about votes for both sides - Simples!!!!!
  14. Off his website, In Parliament my main interests have been education and health, housing and regeneration, Europe and the economy, and sport.

    So it's slaughter Defence and give it all to the Labour darlings, he background hardly says HMF I love you! :evil:
  15. Own space program, own Nuke program, own Carrier program......

    No space program, not much of a Nuke Industry and still not got much of a carrier built (but some steel was cut....)

    Guess which is which Country?