Ministers estranged husband guilty as a puppy etc..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Ok, I canned the last one as someone made it all about them, and some statements were a tad unacceptable.

    This is the second thread , please keep it factual. By all means express an opinion, but keep it to the facts as disclosed.

    Sven, drag this off topic as badly as you did the last thread , and other threads you post on, and I'll be asking for a review of your presence here.
  2. Well he has been found guilty in a properly constitued court of law.

    There may be little evidence in the public domain about Ms Jowell, but she it would appear has either been a trifle to naive in he dealing with her apparently estranged husband (should a government minister be so naive) or she has conveniently ignored what was happening before her very eyes. Neither really looks good from where I stand. I would agree that in a court of law she has to be preoven guilty, regretably in the court of public opinion the reverse is true, she does need to demonstrate her innocence, particularly as she doe hold a position of real trust, ist that trust justified.
  3. Sven,

    You obviously havent heard of Ministerial financial affairs having to be run by "Blind Trusts" to avoid complications like this diverting attention from their ministerial duties.

    She signed a loan agreement whilst a minister, it got suddenly paid off, again while she was still a minister. She claims not to know anything about it and seems to think it was a normal transaction. She is as sleazy as Blair and Mandleson. She knew very well what was happening, another of the champagne socialists living the high life on sleaze in another area of Europe. I hope his appeal fails and he has to munch spaghetti in an italian jail 3 times a day for the next 4 years.

    And anybody who believes that he is her Estranged husband is deranged, why have they not divorced if she wants to avoid the questions that are now being asked. He has been proven guilty in a court, its hard to see how she can wriggle from association in these crimes. Perhaps her own government's laws on the proceeds of crime could be enacted, as such they should confiscate the Euro 600K that was handed over by Berlusconi for services rendered.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They were only estranged when it was obvious the mud would stick. Says it all, really.
  5. He is, thats why hes been found guilty.

    So what you are saying is either she is as thick as a whale omelette with extra portion of whale (and so hardly someone who should be a minister) or she does know all about it and thinks its acceptable to take bribes.
  6. And we entrust this Minister with the 2012 Olympics and a budget of £9.3 billion, when she cannot even get her own finances in order.

    Says it all really.
  7. His guilt is now a matter of record, the real question is - "Will he go to nick?" I say emphatically not.
  8. As I said on the now deleted thread (thanks Sven) there is a loophole whereby he can get away without jail.
    Under the Italian Statue of Limitations he has to be convicted by Feb 2010, he has launched an appeal process that may take it past that date and avoid the jail sentence. This appeal process normally takes upto two years but the prosecutor reckons he might be bale to squeeze it through.
    I would iagine Burlesconi will quietly chuck a spanner in the works to delay proceedings as he has a little bit of an interest in the case,
    As for Jowell, no way on earth she didn't know exactly what was going on. Not even the thickest bint of the planet could fail to notice that the 7 figure loan they had signed for was paid off a very very short time later.

    Its called corruption and it ought to carry a whopping great prison sentence, but as Parliament polices itself on this matter and most of its occupants are neck deep in it we are stuck with it.
  9. No 'political miles or points' to be made on this story I guess, but I am imagining the outrage that would have occured if the wretched Mr. Mills had been married to a senior Tory MP.
  10. It is interesting how the Beeb have been reporting this "British lawyer found guilty...oh and he is estrange from Ms Jowel (in small print)."

    how different it would be if this had Tory involvement.

    Anyway, the real question should be, what was a so-called, darling of the left, doing working for the Tanned One of Italy?????
  11. Slightly off topic but another fine example of BBC impartiality is the reporting of the Neighbours' complaint in the Jacqui Smith expenses fiasco.

    I believe this sums up the BBCs even handedness when dealing with Labour misconduct.
  12. Have they never heard of an International Arrest Warrant, faxed via Home Office and bob's Your Uncle, knock knock, your nicked
  13. Estranged they may be, "reconciled" they no doubt will be, either after the next election or if his appeal succeeds. The success of his appeal will no doubt depend upon the rising cost of Italian judges - who will insist in payment in Swiss francs these days.
  14. I find it acceptable that he should conceal many aspects of his crime from his wife, after all, many criminals do. However it is her duty to ensure that her finances are beyond reproach because they may easily be subject to scrutiny by Parliament.
    In claiming no knowledge she is either admitting she doesn't take her responsibilities at all seriously or that she was turning a 'blind eye'. I may have found it acceptable if she had said that she knew the money had been received by her husband but that he had assured her it was a legitimate work-related bonus.
    Twenty years ago she would have resigned immediately the news broke, if not before. Ten years ago she would have been fired by a party keen to keep it's image clean. Now she just brazens it out because she and most of her Parliamentary colleagues are mired in sleaze and standards are lower than they have ever been.