"Ministers cannot gag the generals"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Today's Telegraph carries a good article by Allan Mallinson.

    Daily Telegraph article - 12 Jan 07

    Useful reading before watching the PM broadcast his "Defence of the Nation" speech in 30 minutes time. Oooh, can't wait...

  2. What channel is the speech on???
  3. Would guess News 24 or BBC 2 on the Daily Politics
  4. love this quote:

    "Gordon Brown once protested to Sir Charles Guthrie, the then CDS: "You think I know nothing about the Army!," to which the CDS replied: "No, Chancellor; I know you nothing about the Army!"
  5. That's it the dozy fckers are going to 'dabble' with the freedom of speech now.
    As if we all don't already know that the number ten 'dictator ship' is a sinking.
    If they fck with the freedom of speech and upset the Generals-who the fck is going to take over the world for em?
  6. You can just tell when a journo writes about something he knows. Or has had the decency to learn about. Other scribblers please note.
  7. To be fair, Mallinson is a recently retired Cav Brigadier, so he will have a clue or two...
  8. Bah, the speech isn't streamed on tInternet until 1235. Anyone know if it's being featured on any of the radio stations?
  9. What Allan Mallinson does not mention in his excellent article is that the new Armed Forces Bill will remove the annual vote established in 1689 and replace it with a five-yearly vote. Parliamentary scrutiny will be diluted fivefold and the prerogative powers of the government will be concentrated further.