Ministers bury £32bn tax crisis as recess starts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Don't you just love the mechanics of honest, open and transparent liberal democracy!

    And some of these policymakers running our country think it is their divine responsibility to preach to others how to run their countries for the better.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Last week Harperson promised the House of Commons that Government Departments would not all release reports on the day before recess. Either she lied (Yes I know one of Brown (a traitor)'s cronies lying is not news) or she was over ruled.
  3. Yes, I for one I outraged that I don't know any of the things I just read about in a national newspaper that sourced its information from government reports, and that I or anyone else is free to discuss it in any forum and context, including those that include criticizing the government of the day, one that by the middle of June next year I and all my fellow British citizens over 18 not in prison will have the chance to change.

    Yes, we clearly are rock bottom :roll:
  4. So I take everyone else on here is finishing work this week, and going back sometime in september?
  5. No, the UK is not quite rock bottom.

    The binmen have not yet been on strike along with the Mersey grave diggers.

    Nevertheless, things are likely to get worse still.

    I do not wish the experience of Bob Mugabe to fall upon Blighty, but from where I'm sitting, the government's accounts are not looking too rosy. The figures refer to a fall in tax receipts for 2007-8. Heaven knows what sorry tale occured during 2008-9. And just to help matters along, £125 billion was printed al la Harare.

    Never mind though parapauk, you're a New Labour apologist and educated economist, so you clearly know better than everybody else how good things really are.
  6. Not quite anyone else in any context though, is it? MPs can't discuss it in the context of Parliament, 'coz it was only just released as they buggered off on holiday - meaning they can't grip the buggers responsible for the various statements and ask them pointed questions like, 'What the ****?...'

    In other words, the timing of this release prevents elected representatives holding the government of the day to account until it's way too late to do anything. A strange coincidence, that.
  7. You spotted parapauk deliberate diversion too. :)

    I guess the next ploy is to ask whether we'd prefer to live in the UK under Cyclops or North Korea as proof that things aren't at all bad.
  8. No, oh agenda pushing one. It says the fall
    2007-2008 (i.e. between then and 2008-2009), not
    2007-2008. Please learn to read.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Parapuke, If this is acceptable behavior on the part of the Government why did Harperson agree that it was wrong and promise that it would not happen?
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Truly a head in sand moment, isn't it? But is anyone really surprised about this? It happens every year and is the normal get out of jail card pulled by Labour.

    PS I'm sure the Tories were equally as guilty of doing this although perhaps not in such economically dreadful circumstances.
  11. Quite the opposite, my next day off is Sept 21
  12. And would you believe some arrses are still pontificating about future army/navy/air force needs and when and where etc etc.

    Loss to the treasury

    £32 billion 2007-8. This is the figure THEY are admitting to. Just how much is being hidden?

    £40 billion 2008-9 est

    £45 billion 2009-10 est

    And not forgetting from 2010 paying back the loans liebore made to save the banks.
    est £10 billion per year.

    The military will be lucky if the extra pay in sandy places is not stopped and soldiers will not have to buy their own body armour and clothes.

    We really are doomed!
  13. Quite right Sur, my poor reading skills.

    Things look so much better now.

    PS. Please tell me what my agenda is so I can keep to it.
  14. Things do look so much better - if the tax base had imploded when you said it had, I'd have re-located to a small island in the South Pacific by now!
  15. Hence why, after my misread, I was considerably more surprised than normal. Nevertheless, that's a significant fall.

    In itself, the drop in tax receipts is not too grave if public spending has also been trimmed to 'balance the books'. Hmmmm!

    Now havingdone some research, I can see that HMG and the Treasury were estimating a drop of £17 billion in April's budget document. Only £15 billion out. Not bad I guess given that they've got access to the data of what's been received up to the point in publishing.

    And let's not forget the printing of £125 billion - equivalent to 23%ish of total government income.