Ministers and Transport

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. The Bliars used HM's flight (the Royal Squadron) to fly on their hols, to the cost of £30K to the taxpayer. It is claimed that they repaid the cost of the flight, but at commercial rates, and I can imagine the following exchange of views:

    TB: Err, look Cherie, we have to pay towards the cost of the flight you know...

    CB: I don't care Tony. If that b!tch Laura Bush gets to swan around the world in an Air Force One then so should I. And as for the old bag in the Palace...she isn't even elected like I am, I mean like you are!

    TB: Look, Cherie, if we don't pay something then I could get kicked out in 2005 and you know we want that nice big London house...

    CB: Alright, we'll pay. Now let me do the sums. We were the first passengers to book weren't we?

    TB: Yes. Unless you count the pilot...

    CB: So we get a special rate then! We'll pay them the EasyJet price - £1 each.

    TB: Well, if you think so...

    CB: But we'll only pay one way - we're not made of money you know!

    As for the rest of them: Straw is beyond contempt for anything. Beckett looks like Medusa the Gorgon and would cause a cataclysmic slump in airline bookings. Nevertheless, as Environment Secretary, she should have taken the broomstick.

    Medusa the Gorgon (topless)


    Beckett the Gorgon (fully clothed thankfully)


    The only one to emerge with any credit is Two Jags, who normally flies scheduled airlines for his globetrotting. Mind you, it's still posh for him flying first class after his stint belowdecks! :twisted:

    Perhaps ministers should look to the leader of the Free World for inspiration: