Ministers agree with unions to lower the voting age to 16???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread99, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. I know was in the Daily Mail, but if true????has anyone spoken to the average 16 yr old lately??? and asked what they would vote for??? Usually: free alcohol, free spliffs ,free music, Free X Box, pull out of the sandpits, disband the Forces (must all be the illegitimate off spring of that wnacker and "so-called" war hero Anthony I,m a Commie and proud of it, Wedgwood Benn - who come to think of it was a main cause of the last" almost coup" in this country) and everybody live together in a big tent.... It could actually work for Liarbour and actually save their backsides, 16 yrs olds are crazy enough (OK their actual view of the real world is not quite developed enough) to vote for Liarbour if Broons mad people make enough of the right promises and trust me they will.....are you afraid??? you will be...YOU WILL BE!!!!!! :twisted:
  2. No, you've got the wrong end of the stick. Children need to be given a voice, and be considered as adults, as it's their alienation to society that's causing all the social problems in this country; it's not their fault.


    To be honest with the general apathy of the masses at the moment towards politics, would it make a difference? But, flippant comments aside, Govt must be Barking if they think this is a good idea (knives and hospitals sound familiar?) !!
  3. Age was reduced to 18 from 21 in 1969 by Labour to help them win an election. Didn't work. No wonder they're looking at it again - desperate times!
  4. Totally depends on the 16 yr old I have found. I know people in there thirties that have actually asked "So if Blair is Prime Minister, does he take orders from the Queen?" (Serious!) yet have had a discussion on economics with a 17 yr old in College. Just stop the scrotes that think voting for the Green Party = free weed.
  5. It is difficult to argue with those 16 or over who pay tax having the right to vote over who they want to squander their hard-earned money, but they are the only ones. Universal enfranchisement of those who are either still in the socialist brainwashing programme that currently passes itself off as 'education' in this country or have left school but are doing nothing but sponging off the state have absolutely no right to vote.

    And before anyone points out that the natural extension of this policy is to remove the vote from the unemployed of whatever age - yes.
  6. Old enough to legally fornicate and pay taxes, old enough to vote.

    And what would the result have been for Labour in 1945 if soldiers under 21 had been allowed to vote? A very very serious landslide far exceeding the one they got, I suspect.

    My father was a 20 year old Platoon Commander having to instruct older Soldiers on how to vote, and advise battle hardened 19 year old veterans they couldn't, nor could he.

    The very good American website is a good example of how the young can be educated to vote and why , and couched in parlance they will readily understand.

    So yes, empower 16 year olds to have the vote.

    And that's just cobblers isn't it. Removing the right of ex-expatriates who have no intention to return however, I can see mileage in
  7. Having just spoken to two 16 year olds on my theory, it being if u r taxed then you can vote, they have decided that they would rather not be taxed and therefore will happily give up their right to universal suffrage. Who says that they don't have good ideas.
  8. Old enough to vote, but not to drink alcohol, or smoke fags!! Quite a disparity in responsibility that we’re allowing our 16 year olds if true.
  9. It isn't cobblers from where I'm standing - the freeloaders (if they bother to vote at all - which they will if 'New' Labour's plan to pay 'poor people' to use their vote) will just vote for whichever party promises to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed without lifting a finger.
  10. My mistake, it isn't cobblers, it's absolute cobblers. So all those unemployed made redundant, who have worked all their lives and paid their stamp, they're part of the evil New Labour plan too are they? Those who have contributed, and intend to remain unemployed for as little time as physically possible, should be excluded from the democratic process?

    What about those living in unemployment blackspots , yes they do exist, they should be excluded as well?

    I would suggest you don't use such a broad tar brush to make a point which is debatable at best.
  11. Hmm...hoped this little news item (however true) would stir a debate...I asked are you afraid?...I was I really am... I read Heinlein,s Star Ship Troopers when I was 15 and even then liked the idea that only people who had served in the forces got citizenship and a vote, because only they could really know what that sacred trust meant (I joined the Junior Leaders Regt soon after!!!) But further to the many comments made some MPs in some parties have tried to lower the age of homosexual consent to 10 or 13?? or some such ridiculous figure, on that score why not give a free vote to all humans able to pick up a pen...what the hell ,must be some chimps in the zoo can write an X, surely in this mad society they must have rights on how they are governed/fed????. Look at the madness we have had these last 10 years......another 10 would finish off this country, so be careful what liberal attitude you wish might just get it.
  12. Are you in anger management therapy? Your posts just come across as a rambling rant.

    Nothing so called, volunteered to fight, flew Spitfires. His brother got the chop over the Reich , the title reverted to him.

    I've a lot more time for the likes and opinions of the Viscount Stansgate, than the parcel of counter jumpers, jumped up shopkeepers and lawyers currently running Government.
  13. I've got a pretty damn broad tar brush, I have to admit - perhaps I should be a little more liberal. Those who haven't worked for a year lose their right to vote. If you live in an unemployment blackspot - move. Have you ever visited Swindon? Anyone who wants to work can work, yet they have a persistent underclass who are not interested. My sweeping statement was making a point, but yours is equally 'absolute cobblers'.
  14. This opens a complete can of worms, if it becomes law.
    1. Would members of the Armed Services be happy to be in a position were the decision to go to a war, they may not agree with, could have been arrived at by votes cast by people too young to participate in it. The only concept of war a lot of this age group is via an X-box.

    2. If they are deemed to be mature enought to vote, probably the biggest right we have to exercise, are they also deemed old enough to face adult sentencing for any crimes they commit? Should they go to adult prisons? If not why not?

    3. This nanny government is trying to raise the age of drinking and smoking to 21 yet they believe 16 year olds are mature enough to potentially influence this countries economic, defence, health and social security policies.

    My personal opinion is if you are not old enough to fight a war, don't be in a position were you can vote for one.
  15. No, your sweeping statement made the point you hadn't thought it through before committing fingers to keyboard. It was cobblers, you can crash all the reverse gears you want, it's still ill-thought out cobblers.


    What with? If you have no money , no resettlement grant and no means with which to obtain one, how? You may have a family to consider. How are you going to get accomodation when so many landlords say "No DSS" since the housing payment rules changed?

    As for the young unemployed, in blackspots around here , I've attended a few meetings involving the unemployed and issues, and a constant refrain from a lot of the young is "We want to work"

    There will always be those that don't, but there are plenty who do , where circumstances can and do stack against them to get back into the employment cycle.

    Denying them the vote, will simply reinforce that entrenched underclass.

    I've also been present at various votes in said blackspots, and the number of "chav" underclass exercising their right to vote, has been markedley poor. So if their is a plot to buy their votes , it's not working.