Ministers ‘to take control’ of hospital charity cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. A particularly scummy trick based on changes to "Accounting Rules" of course.

    "The Charities Commission says that this is “wholly inappropriate” because combining the trust and charity accounts will jeopardise the charity’s autonomy and discourage donations. About £330 million was given to 300 NHS charities in the year to June 2008, and they control an estimated £2 billion of assets. A spokeswoman for the Commission said: “The Charity Commission does not agree with the interpretation of the accounting rules in the Department of Health letter to NHS bodies. We are currently engaging with the Department on this matter.”

    Charities also fear that the change, due to come into effect in April, will be used as a smokescreen to hide cuts in health spending, with ministers reducing funds for organisations such as children’s hospitals that have successful charitable arms."

    So, what other Charities might have their gifts and assets deemed to be part of the Government coffers then?
  2. Sounds like a cynical way to claim more spending to me, also the line, "Interpretation of rules" surely a rule is not open to interpretation as it is a rule not a guide
  3. I do hope that those organisations such as SSAFA, RBL, Combat Stress (etC) don't have their government funding reduced as a consequence of their receiving additional income from donations.

    As for this plan - this is simply an effort by the Treasury to pop smoke before making drastic cuts in NHS funding. Whilst the NHS has survived worse in the past I fear that this is another nail in the coffin, opening the way for BUPA et al to be able to provide NHS services.
  4. My bold, BUPA et al already provide significant proportion of NHS services. Many knee/hip replacements are carried out by private providers, the vast majority of NHS funded care of the elderly comes from the private sector and a significant amount of mental helath work (Priory Group etc).

    Some is rubbish but some is of a much higher standard than the NHS can manage, particularly around mental health and elderly care provision. Private doesn't always mean bad. Interestingly when these services are tendered for NHS provision is often more expensive than the private sector.
  5. I can't see what the point of this change is unless it is to be able to claim charity funds as money spent on the NHS. If funds still are within the control of the Trustees then why bother with the change

    Despite the increases in NHS funding charitable donations and legacies are still an important part of local services.

    if this does go through I would encourage people to go for a "Friends of Hospital X" type approach to keep peoples donations out of the Government's control.

    Yet more rules for rules sake, bureaucracy because the Govt loves it.....

    Does anyone know of an area of life that is no longer impinged upon by the Government and it's tentacles? Seriously..........

  6. This is how it works. The Blanktown NHS Trust needs a new scanner to assist with early detection of cancer. Funding,as ever, is tight and so the scanner is not funded nor is it in the Trust's foward plan.

    The good people of Blanktown say "hey, we think the scanner is a good idea" and organise jumble sales, sponsored runs etc to raise money to allow the scanner to be purchased. The government see all this and being pretty well broke themselves think "if we can blurr the boundary between the the Blanktown scanner fund and the general running costs of the Blankshire NHS Trust, then we might find we need to spend less on the Trust ourselves."

    The NHS claims that the trustees of the Blanktown scanner appeal will still be deciding how the funds they have raised will be spent. However, when they are told that because of the success of the scanner appeal public funding for the Trust has been reduced and a ward will have to close - what are they going to do? Being the sort of people they are they will probably re-double their fundraising efforts to pay for the scanner and the ward. You see where this is leading - eventually the Trust is entirely funded by charitable fund raising. And as far as this government is concerned problem solved.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Government also dislikes Trusts that are too 'independent'. I know people who work for two Trusts locally. One, a nationally-known one specialising in cancer work, has a large income from bequests, trusts, and charitable donations. They run things as they see fit, to a large extent. They are therefore not liked by parts of the Ministry. The other, a 'normal' London Trust, get the vast majority of their funding from the Governemnt, and have to do exactly as they are told.

    Slightly off topic, but for those interested in the way the Government uses 'charities' to proagandise for it, I would recommend looking at
    - it is amazing how many 'charidees' are largely supported directly by the Government (i.e. they take your money in tax, and dole it out to supportive causes). 'Real' charities - i.e. those that raise money, say, for local hospitals - aren't under control. Yet.
  8. BUPA isn't the threat. A few years ago, when I was involved in it, the buzzword was an American firm called Kaiser Permanante.
    Despite considerable dispute over their claimed 'efficienct' funding mechanism, expect to see their style of management over here soon. Especially if Obama follows through on his plan to control the US healthcare sector, I see them coming over here on the double.
  9. Remember, thanks to 'Stalin' Brown:

    [align=center]Charity = Government Department.[/align]

    Why? Because of the political appointment of a member of the Labour Party to be the Charity Commission's boss.

    This unwholesome and unappetising harridan's brief entails dismantling centuries of 'non-diverse or equality conscious' charitable work.

    The harridan, will concentrate on destroying the 'public school' system, which will itself destroy what remains of the 'state education' system. Good 'Class War' stuff into the bargain.

    Further the harridan plans to destroy the charitable status of all religious establishments - of all denominations (probably excepting Islamic establishments) and their works. This will of course include hospices as they only cater for the terminally ill and are thus deemed exclusive!!

    Why this attack on 'churches and religions'? Because they do not benefit the atheist or agnostic!! No wonder the hugely religious, and public school educated Bliar poked off when he did!

    The ending of the Church sponsored schools will help further to destroy the staggeringly awful (in general terms) state education system. The 'Bug-Eyes' Balls will be very pleased, as he clearly wants the LEVELLING DOWN to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of all education in this sad and ruined nation.

    Returning to Leather, the Charity Commission head - probably public-school educated and a 'Harman clone feminist', her appointment is as politically spiteful and cynical as the appointment of Keir Hardie, or whatever his name is, the Reigate Grammar School and Oxford educated and unelected commentator on policy who is seemingly the Labour Party apparatchik currently the Director of Public Prosecutions. Appointed by Mrs. Scotland - the Attorney General - no political fix there then.

    Stand-by for the aforesaid harridan to target SSAFA, RBL H4H and any military 'charity' you may think of. Why? Exclusive innit!
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly I would expect this to deter charitable giving as potential donors will realise they are being used even MORE to cross-subsidise Govt spending. As it is so MUCH is funded by charity and if this is lost the NHS will just go further downhill.

    Some bits do still work - today I went to hospital to have my hearing aid rectified (wrongly set up by unsupervised trainee, result cold & rainy camel ride for me) - as I went out I saw an appeal for £3m to buy equipment which, if medically necessary, should be funded by the NHS anyway.
  11. I fear you are correct - is there no low to which this bunch dare not stoop..........

  12. Another set of truth - see my post above about low stooping..........

  13. What's to stop them taking control of H$H cash?

    F******g Sicko's!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jeeves .... Pass the bang stick and a box of 7.62.... Cyclops & the Liabours have got out the pen again....
  15. As much as that made me laugh, I fear it is coming to that.

    Happy new year all.