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minister_doh_nut-and more custard from mi jonga.

2008! Fuck that mean i have to spud the ex wife again?
Got a great idea for a thead yeah? We could try and find people that pretend to be int army?.. Or a tits thread? im sure it aint been done before! ;)

Mark The Convict

If you're thick, then so am I. It's been happening quite a bit lately.

Previously unknown member of several years' standing (but with very few posts) bursts into life, as though awakened from a coma. Necroposts gibberish furiously and at random. Is flamed to a crisp. Slumps back into brown fugue state. Repeat in 2017.

What does it mean? Fucked if I know.


Let your creative juices flow and........paint. Express yourselve oh fondler of the feral variety.

And back on to the thread, I'm still not getting it. I must be one of the 'thickies'.

Ok I think I've sorted it now.

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