minister_doh_nut-and more custard from mi jonga.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EAGLE1, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. After getting his mates to rig my posts(see the gay line) I thought it would only be fair to show you all what a total twat Mr dog butt really is-so here are a small collection(just 35 it got mind numbingly tedious after that) from his 83500 etc posts. All dull and pointless yet interestingly many are based around sucking off pilots.

    A shame really as he never really had the drive or the brains to become one himself.
    I will probably get banned for pointing out this clowns constant unrelenting dribble. As he used to be a door man you know-do you know-or do you really give a fook. He uses the ancient skill of mirroring-he talks endlessly about penises and taking it up his anus because he has a very small penis. He also has overwhelming gay tendencies that are repressed deep within his subconscious mind.

    It is a very small place so it would be easy to find. He just cannot bear the thought that I am a pilot and he his a cuunt-simple as that- he is a fuucking toss pot.This bluffing walt wannabe pilot cunnt also believes that all the men and women who have lived or died for their GSM including many thousands who have died in Ireland over the years are walts if they are proud of their medal. So here it is the definitive guide to the man who guards arrse against anyone who might just over shadow his very small mind.

    So beware this bigoted clown.


    Mr Dog butt wrote: I wanted sucking off at air shows when pretending to be a pilot.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Do you bulldog clip your flaps your thigh flab and set about your mot with a coke bottle,

    Mr Dog butt wrote: with a belly full of c0ck
    Mr Dog butt wrote: Steven Preece is a member here, he wrote some crap books about cabbage heads.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Do you know him? Was he a tool?

    SPOR82WROTE:anyway you really are a c@nt. you self righteous scum bag. I hope I don’t become like you when I leave the service.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: He's gobbing off still in th G3 snobbery thread.
    Bet he isn't by this time tomorrow night

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You don't think she enjoys an air biscuit to the chin whilst feasting on the veiny cumberland?

    From: spor82
    To: minister_doh_nut
    Posted: 24 Feb 2007 14:45
    Subject: Re: im serious
    I have ur no. you’re not getting the cap badge pal, see you soon.

    Signed; im no gutless f*****

    Mr Dog butt wrote: He isn't gutless but he won't tell me what cap badge he is...

    Mr Dog butt wrote: All mouth, backed up by nothing...... Do you have any idea how many other gobshites have called my bluff and not turned up.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: I am a c0ck

    Not like a pilot 

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You are a banned member from a Forces and ex forces dominant site. That should speak volumes. You maintain an interest in wanting to help out HMF, you can do that by simply staying away, it would mean more than any donation and you'd really really help

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Indeed, I dream of buggery, sodomy and prison style forced anal.... Each to their own.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: I don't know he sent me this via PM

    I will not reply to your insult in the thread, as your 'lame' comment, has nothing to do with the article.

    Are you really a flaming FAG? I don't like FAGS or perverts of any kind you fag cnut! Go soak your head in the toilet!

    Why don't you stick with the thread that the Mods created for Fags and perverts like you!

    You are probably right about him being a bit tired.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Arch....... I'm not going to blow you because you deserve it I'm gonna blow you because I want to..... alot, I wake up thinking about you choking me with your learned stem.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: I'm still gonna suck you off

    Mr Dog butt wrote: how many times do you have to be handed your own arrsehole before you see the sad truth that you are an anus?

    Mr Dog butt wrote: you pedantic c0ck, look up revolver in your book? in the oxford english dictionary?

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Don't worry, you've impressed me enough to warrant your blow job, I am not an indian giver

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Just to clarify, and so there is no understanding..... Are you calling him a lying bluffing cnut?

    Mr Dog butt wrote: When were you in Minden? I may have seen your scrotum

    Mr Dog butt wrote: His comeback will be a little less cutting and a PM will follow saying

    Cooool and Raaddd Cait, thanks for reminding the World Wide Web that I am a pilot...... I haven't told anyone for 6 minutes

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Never have I seen a display in lack of principles, moral fibre and general manliness than the show you have laid on.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: I won't bother with you anymore, you are very top of my 'prick' list...

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You back peddling spinless disgrace of a cnut

    Mr Dog butt wrote: No courage in your convictions, turn your back on what you believe to save face.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You box of jelly

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Leave it mate...... I've just remembered what a penis you are.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Better to leave it alone, I knew you were a tube before, but now knowing your a God bothering bible quoter..I'll distance myself further...

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You can be very intelligent and very easily led.... look at Blair for example.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: 3 and 1/2 when my Dad came in p1ssed up, leathered my mum so hard he couldn't do her, so had a go on me

    Glad he did, been hungry for the feel of man in my bleeding bottom since

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Depression is a disease of the weak minded, the type of people that suffer are those who think Paul Mckenna is a magician, and those who believe in Goblins, leprechauns and magic beanstalks.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: I vaguely remember a member of the Parachute regiment being found dangling from a tree clad in a rather fetching red miniskirt.....

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Secondly I am more likely to form a friendship with Bennet than I am with a parasitic turd such as yourself.... with that in mind, drop the 'mate'

    Mr Dog butt wrote: If your response is likely to be 'Ooh a third bite' or 'whatever mate' Save me a new corset and don't bother.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: You are just Dale with a c*** and probably less leathery skin.

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Yeah ok my maths was a bit pants....

    Mr Dog butt wrote: Cockpits are dull.... its were c0cks sit

    I'm giving up before I end up really making a cnut of myself(GOOD IDEA FOOL).

    If you could only read some of the letters I receive from people who have read my book you would realise that my book helps serving and ex-service personnel-simple as that.

    I will now sit by the screen for the next fourteen days awaiting his predictable boorish responses-NOT.(ahhh sunshine)
  2. So whats a parachute pilot my special forces decorated hero?

    prove you aren't full of crap and i'll buy your book

    until then, you remain a walt

    sorry walt gsm
  3. Has this fecker taken a 105mm to the head?

    I'd love to know where he gets his vast quantities of drugs from because he is clearly snorting them through a Milan tube.

    What a penis.
  4. Erm, thats when you need to ask the GP about your dosage.

    Mate, a GSM isn't something you can use as post-nominal initials, and what the fuck is a parachute pilot?
  5. eagle did your gcse in pyscology help you analyse me?

    You accuse me of being thick yet you didn't work out when going through my posts that I may also be the mod that amended that one post to lable you a bluffer

    I'm extatic i've got under your skin you walting bluffer you are as much decorated as I'am Rula Lenska and you are no more special forces than Flash is a muscleman
  6. So Andy, whats a Parachute pilot? Honestly.

  7. OOoooohhhhh sneaky 8)

    Seriously though, ANYONE served with this "person"? 25,000 members.......someone must have been in the with him.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something here but is he a septic?
  9. Nope, claims to be a "GSM", ie Northern Ireland.
  10. Andy, Andy, Andy (shakes head and puts arm around the poor mans shoulders in an avuncular manner) If there was an easy way to break this to you, I'd use it, but the truth is, you're seriously in need of psychological help.
    MDN may well be a predatory sexual deviant with no morals or conscience and a penchant for abducting untraceable refugees before subjecting them to a living nightmare of extreme sexual abuse, prolonged torture and horrifically painful death, but you know what?...............................he never let his old man fukc him up the ar$e (for free)
    I suggest you go away and have a little think about that.
    Blue skies, happy landings and successful parachute piloting to you. :?
  11. I've also got more than a GSM........ Do you think that rattles him?

    Would that make me highly decorated Mr deep uder cover gregory?

    So you are saying that you DO consider a GSM a decoration? When did I say you shouldn't be proud of your medal? I asked if you consider that to be 'decorated' using the deaths of people to argue that point simply backs my argument you vile bluffing cheap cnut.

    Never wanted to be a pilot, if I did I would take the cheque book to the airport and do a ppl (H) or cpl (h) are you illuded that pilots are something special?

    I'd love you to show me where I have bluffed about my military career, at the same time do something to assure us about yours, you claim to be special forces, you claim to be something that even our most experienced HALO, HAHO and Brize baed BPC staff haven't heard of, you are clearly deep deep undercover.

    Still a walt, I don't expect you to answer my questions just comeback with more dullness about me having done a stint on a door during times of hardship....

    Do your publishers know you are full to the brim with sh1t?

    Did your dad fcuk you because you lied at school about being a prefect ? does he still turk you now?

    Walter Gregory in action (read and vomit)

    You say you are a successful singer song writer? hopefully more successful than you were a special forces operator otherwise noone will have heard of you. Are they better than that horrdendous cheesy sickening tribute to Steve Irwin you did?
  12. Dear Eagle 1

    3rd request
    Lets TRY and clear this one up, once and for all.
    You claim to be SF by this you would be Military Parachute Trained (BPC first). From your profile and Picture I would say you completed your BPC at BZN, for the sake of your book sales and your public reputation both here and the outside world could you please inform via PM or on this thread inform what year you completed your BPC. This would not compromise your self in anyway other than if you are not what you claim. I have a very good contact at PTS who would help clear the animosity towards you.

    I am not insulting you just giving you the benefit.

    Please Check your PMs
  13. It's just arrogant to refer to yourself in the third person.

    And the book looks to be self-published.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm ex-RAF,
    Whats a RAF Parachute Pilot when it's at home?Never heard of it although we did call some of the Survival Equipment Techs* Parachute Pilots.
    (*They're the blokes who pack the parachutes & stuff & all the search & rescue kit)
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    My goodness me ... what a palaver.

    Is "EAGLE 1" real, or a reincarnation of something we thought was buried [Chief-Two]?

    As rants go, that's ..... really sad. Poor barsteward.