Minister_ Doh_Nuts illegal bren Gun!!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by blobmeister, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Well, what is going to happen to the Bren Gun that was auctioned off? The government have now decreed a complete ban on all Replica and deactivated weapons. What will now happen to the hundreds of deactivated war trophies that Army Unit's hold around the globe, will there current certificate be void and therefore illegal weapons?

    Edited becase I was being a Fu**tard
  2. Surely if they outlaw a complete ban, then all will be ok. Double negative etc ;)
  3. "outlawed a complete ban"?


  4. Fair one smudge! shoot me with a deactivated Bren Gun!!
  5. my bold

    If what you've written is true, then nothing will happen. :wink:
  6. You haven't got your facts right have you :roll:
  7. I WAS BEING A FU**WIT!!!!!!!!! It is now illegal to hold said weapons
  8. there isnt a ban on deactivated guns as far as Im aware. Plenty still being sold on the web. and there's a mosin nagant in my living room that might cause me problems.
  9. Turn on the News and you will find out that it is breaking news on BBC24.
  10. You say this as if you are imparting news... :wink:
  11. arby, is it Finnish or Russian?
  12. Its russian cernunnos. I was told when bought that it was circa 1932, but its got a folding bayonet which, I was later told would put it closer to 1939.

    and blobmeister

    there is not ban on deactivated weapons according to the local plods website.

    editted for mongness of fingers
  13. Arby, turn on Sky News mate, it is the breaking news that the Home secretary has announced ban.
  14. This is from Sunday:

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has promised to outlaw "deactivated" guns, which can easily be reconverted into active firearms for use in crime.

    And she said she was looking into changes which would allow witnesses of crime to enjoy protection from an earlier stage - possibly from the moment they first contact police.

    Ms Smith's comments come in the wake of a spate of suspected gang-related crimes over the New Year, including the fatal stabbing of a teenager in Erith, Kent, early on Saturday.

    She told the Sunday Telegraph that ministers and police need to do more to show they are on the side of "the majority in communities who know this is wrong and who want to work themselves to make a difference".

    Deactivated guns, which have been modified so that they no longer fire bullets, are not currently illegal and can be bought without a firearms certificate.

    Restrictions introduced in 1995 made it more difficult for them to be reactivated, but the Association of Chief Police Officers estimate that some 120,000 weapons from before that date remain in circulation.

    They can be restored to use within minutes and some have been implicated in crimes including the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando.

    Some 96% of all sub-machine guns recovered by the police had been reactivated, according to a parliamentary report in 2000. Ms Smith said: "I will find a way effectively to ban those guns and get them out of circulation."

    She also signalled plans to extend the scope of the Witness Protection Scheme to protect people as soon as they report a crime to the police. Intimidation of witnesses is regularly a problem in gang-related prosecutions.

    Ms Smith said: "People need to know very early on when they go to police with information that they are going to be protected. So I'm working with the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General to see if we can bring forward that assurance much earlier."

    Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2008, All Rights Reserved.
  15. Smith the drug taker is saying that they are consulting the police about banning some of the older deacts she HAS NOT banned them at this moment.

    "Smith to ban deactivated firearms
    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to ban deactivated guns
    Secretary Jacqui Smith has announced plans to ban deactivated guns by the end of the year.
    The Home Secretary said exemptions could be made for responsible collectors of deactivated firearms, of which there are an estimated 120,000 in Britain.

    She said: "I will shortly consult on a way forward to allow genuine curators to collect legitimate firearms while giving the police and other enforcement agencies the powers they need to get black market firearms off our streets."

    Yet more anti gun crap from this w*nk Gov't there are already laws in place to deal with gun crime.

    This useless gov't has:

    Banning handguns has stopped handgun no
    Banning carrying knives has stopped knife crime no
    Banning semi auto firearms has stopped crime with thos no

    so we can safely say that banning deacts is going to stop criminals from using them.... :roll: