Minister urges teenagers to take up shooting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, May 29, 2007.

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  1. "Richard Caborn, the sports minister, has backed a drive by shooting groups to increase participation in the sport among children as young as 12. He believes that the sport helps young people to become more responsible and disciplined, and vowed that significant funds would be made available to help boost participation"

    Well well. That has cheered me up a bit. One by one the Blair sponsored sacred cows are being put aside. Naturally the anti gun lobby is outraged and there was some really moronic coverage in The Scum.

    10 years down the road and getting closer to the 2012 Olympics the Government is finally forced to admit it was wrong. There is no link between legal ownership of firearms by responsible persons under about the most stringent controls in the world for sporting use and, say, the wholly uncontrolled doings pf a paranoid illegal immigrant crack dealer in Sarf London tooled up via Eastern European suppliers.

    Mind glad as we are to see it, the National Shooting Week promotion efforts have excited some comments re the necessity to resort to PC tokenism in order to counter some of the more ridiculous wibblings of the anti gun lobby which actually amount to little less than class war
  2. "has backed a drive by shooting"

  3. Great choice of words there :)
  4. Re-Minister urges teenagers to take up shooting

    Thought they already had in London and Manchester.
  5. I bet he goes the way of Kate Hoey for even suggesting this
  6. Brave words, considering she could selective remove your nads at 10m 8O
  7. Quite likely but you would have to have a go - be gay not to - I mean just look at them :D Plus look on the bright side - she'd be very familiar with the prone position :D

  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What with? The gun or the nips?
  9. A wonderfully selective quote and worthy of a Scum journo! :D :D

    Reproduced below (with his permission) is my Club President's letter to the Telegraph...Just in case the Tele doesn't publish it! :roll:

    [i]Dear Sir,
    The Victorian politician Lord Elcho, first chairman of the National Rifle Association, was accused by his opponents of endangering society by arming men whom he denied the vote. But when Elcho went into the the very heartlands of Chartist dissidence to recruit artisans for his London Scottish Rifle Volunteers, he was holding out an alternative form of social enfranchisement; and it worked.

    Richard Caborn (feature, Sunday Telegraph May 27) is right to promote target shooting for young people today, and therewith at once demystify firearms and reintegrate interest in them into a legitimate environment, where the positive appeal of sporting achievement can be developed within the highly disciplined structure of shooting clubs.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Munday

    How long Caborn is allowed to remain Sports Minister and develop this theme is another matter. Kate Hoey was swiftly shoved out after declaring her support for shooting and other un-PC activities, so the shooting community had better not hold its collective breathe for too long. :roll:
  10. ...and would no doubt have excellent 'weapon handling' skills. :D

  11. That's.....strangely hot.
  12. This really grips my sh1t!!

    They spend years removing guns from legal, responsible, owners, in a sport we actually excel at (inspite of all government attempts) and then have the audacity to suggest we do more of it!!

    Does this mean they are going to relax the gun laws for legal ownership, so that our full bore pistol team can actually shoot in the UK?
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    You just couldn't make it up!!!
  14. Yes you could - see Orwell and 1984. But back to her in the piccie - I take it the patch over her left eye is to assist in aiming and not to indicate that she's been assimilated into the Collective :?:

    Mmmmm - 7 of 9 :twisted: