Minister to speak on Iraq photos


The armed forces minister is to make a statement to MPs over photos apparently showing UK troops abusing an Iraqi.
Adam Ingram is due to address the Commons at 1530 BST.

The Ministry of Defence has begun an investigation into the pictures, which appear to show a hooded and bound Iraqi prisoner being mistreated.

The pictures were published in the Daily Mirror. Some military personnel have questioned their authenticity, but the newspaper insists they are genuine.

Ministers had faced demands from Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy to address MPs on the issue.

He said the pictures - showing the prisoner being struck with a rifle butt, being urinated on and having a gun held to his head - would have a "massive impact" across Iraq and the Arab world, even if they were fake.
Well let's see what the office of the Dear Leader (May his words continue to be anointed with leaves of gold etc etc) have to say on this one.

Anything less than fulsome praise of the hard working boys and girls will not suffice.

And what is Campbell doing back? (Allegedly)
BBC Radio News has just reported that Adam Ingram has 'volunteered' to make a statement to the Commons regarding the alleged mistreatment of prisoners by UK soldiers.

It begs the question: why is Hoon not speaking?
Lack of credibility?
Not informed of the situation by his officials (his old favourite)?
He didn't understand the question?

The report did not mention whether Mr Ingram would be wearing his Orange sash this afternoon.

Mr Happy

With apologies to whoever wrote "if a man is talking to himself in a wood and no woman can hear him? Is he still wrong?".

having a gun held to his head
If a chappy has a rifle held to his head but is wearing a sandbag and can't see it - did it happen?
Am I correct in assuming "Never a Billy-Boy" Ingram never raised the issue that the photos may have been faked?
Wee Adam only said that the photos were 'being taken seriously', and that 'no stone would be left unturned (less the one that John Prescott lives under, naturally)', in the investigation, so he did.