Minister shows Booties how to survive in Norway

cant see what the booties were complaining about
Mmmmm good point, I do wonder how long it would take him to recieve a medal for all his hardships, but there again he must be rather used to snow after going on a ski hol when we played in the sand :evil: .
I wonder if he got an old or a new sleeping bag then?
So he'll have qualified for a medal then.
He should NOT get a medal.........he's a fat F*ck and he cant pass a BPFA!!
But he sure as hell showed the Booties......24 hours in Norway where its quite cold....can you imagine how nails that man is??? 8O

PS with regard to the fat thing and the cold etc.........perhaps he had an unfair advantage :oops:
itll probaly be a yank medal

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