Minister should resign...

This relates to the Quentin Davies (tw@t) episode. see original thread SAS chief quits...

see Telegraph link Labour minister slags off Army

Not sure how this would be done, but surely comments like this (and similar ones, made many times, by Labour ministers) demonstrate a complete inability for a minister to hold down a post where he requires the respect of mil pax?

Quentin Davies should resign - let's start the ball rolling!
Dear old chap,

Do get the rules correct.

Soldiers, those who survive, RESIGN;

Politicians, NEVER, ever, resign - especially if they are TURN-COATS and not even a democratically elected MP.
I shouldn't bother. If he did resign, he'd be back as a Peer within the year, probably with a better portfolio.
Whiskybreath said:
I shouldn't bother. If he did resign, he'd be back as a Peer within the year, probably with a better portfolio.
Now, that is a level of cynicism that I had never even dreamed existed.

Large glass of the 'brown fighting wine' poured and ready for consumption in honour of 'Whiskybreath'.
Queintin Davies was a ticking bomb from the moment he crossed the floor to join Labour. As a 'traitor' he's despised by the Tories. They won't let this go. As an ex-public schoolboy, Cambridge graduate, self confessed Thatcherite and former director of a merchant bank, he's despised by most of the Labour party too. Wait till they discover that he has convictions for animal cruelty.

I was going to say that Gordon made him a junior Minister as a reward for betraying the Tories and to keep Davies quiet until his inevitable loss of seat at the election. However, by making him Minister for Snatch Land Rovers, he might just be giving this particular Tory Toff enough rope for a public hanging.

No doubt Queintin now regrets describing Gordon Brown as 'extraordinarily incompetent' when they sat on opposite sides of the House.
The hypocrisy of politicians now barely fails to register on my give-a-fuckometer

To partially misquote the Labour bully boy, John Reid, this bunch of twa*s are not fit for purpose. I have a vague feeling all our chickens are coming home to roost.

I also think we are heading, rapidly, towards a very uncomfortable future. The wheel is falling off the handcart on which we are heading to Hell, but we'll probably just make it in.

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