Minister for Service Families

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Apparently Conservative Government will establish this post - a sort of ministerial HIVE. Sounds like a full time job, whoever it is better be able to listen!!
  2. Call me a nasty old cynic, but this smacks of empty electioneering and nothing of substance. There are enough pointless ministers out there already. I'd rather see a worthwhile Armed Forces minister.
  3. Odd that this gets proposed immediately after the successful Gray's Lane campaign. Complete coincidence, of course.
  4. Absolutely. Total coincidence. Feeling a bit ashamed for having been so cynical - forgive me .......
  5. Depends who proposed it......
  6. This alone is not a full-time job and does not require full membership of the Cabinet. So what: It will be filled by a very junior minister, whose portfolio will include a vast range of other minority responsibilities, and whose clout in Cabinet will be the proverbial square root.

    I agree with Bambi - what we need a capable S of S for Defence who views Defence, including the provision of sp to families, as a single and indivisible entity, and who is able to influence the allocation of resources effectively.
  7. Yep, another Labour sore point that the f*ckwit Cameron wishes to exploit purely for votes and nothing else, so desperate is he for power. If there was one thing that George Galloway said that I agreed with, it was that Bliar and Cameron were just two cheeks of the same arrse.

    Cameron is a low life in a nasty green Debenhams tie. The Tories need to get shot of him.
  8. I want a Minister for Toilet Paper. There should be a law against some of the stuff sold.
  9. So will there be a 'Minister for Single Soldiers and their families' ?
  10. If it's worth a vote or two, no doubt about it ...............
  11. Minister for this and Minister for that, all it does is give some tossa a job who really cant do that job and he will appease appease appease, once he/she has done enough appeasing they will step down to begin another useless, pointless ministeral job after achieving the square root of fcuk all. SPIN SPIN SPIN SPINE SPINE SPINELESS SPINELESS SPINELESS
  12. I concur my able minded chum, they're just jumping on the back of our hard work. Fcuk 'em all.
  13. What was that about 'a split command is a weak one'?

    As to seeing a worthwhile Minister (of any Department for that matter) you could be in for a long wait, then....
  14. Yep! after Defence is so important Des has been given to SofS posts :x :clap:
  15. Sorry lets keep politicians out of this we need servicemen with clout to represent us not careerist yes men!