Minister detained at US airport

Congratulate or castigate?

  • He's right, they should be checking old white ladies!

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  • He should be getting reamed out, and like it.

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  • **** inspections for everyone, huzzarrrr!!

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Having read the article I found it pretty vague. Nowhere does it seem to mention wether he was travelling as a member of government on official business or as a private citizen on a money earner or anything else specific.

So what is he whinging about? From the article he seems to be complaining that muslims get checked at airport security. So what? I have been searched shed-loads of times by airport security, I don't whinge about it, rather, I am glad they are being vigilant.

OTOH: If he was travelling as a government representative using a diplomatic passport he would have a point. I doubt that was the case as mentioning it would be very pertinent to his whining. In fact it would not be whining but a diplomatic incident.

From that article he comes across as a bleeding prima-donna who considers himself above the rest of us.

As for this:

DavidBOC said:
Comment by a septic type who has been through a few airports...
Snipped for brevity

Good post. I enjoyed reading it and pretty much agree with you.
How encouraging! A Liarbour politico forced to experience what every man and woman jack/jill of us goes through in pursuing TWOT? First class, now perhaps one of them would like to see how the dirty end of the war is going by spending six months in Iraq or Stan?
lsquared said:
Pity they didn't detain the so-called socialist for keeps!
..and then give him a lethal injection just in case.
The_Cad said:
smartascarrots said:
Does this mean we'll be able to do the same to Barak if he wins the Presidency? Bet they'd love that.

Before this descends into yet another 'bloody Muslims, why aren't they just grateful for all we've given 'em' type thread, remember that he is a Minister of the Crown and if he hasn't been well vetted beforehand then somebody's screwed up big time. This is just an unnecessary slap in the face to what's supposed to be their firmest ally and shows us exactly how much they value our contribution.
Why should ministers of the crown be above the law? Whats good for Joe Public is good for them. After all they are OUR employees.
Well said old boy. :D

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