Minister detained at US airport

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biped, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. He's right, they should be checking old white ladies!

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  2. He should be getting reamed out, and like it.

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  3. **** inspections for everyone, huzzarrrr!!

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    Why is he moaning? FFS, the bloke is a: a muslim, and b: on various anti-terror panels, so the fact that the US customs are judiciously stopping and searching people who look, well, muslim or arab is to be applauded, all the more so by him. After all, the threat of terrorism comes from Islam, so it probably wouldn't work too well if they stopped and bottom-searched a 90 year old caucasian lady would it?

    Don't say "I am deeply disappointed", simply say "I'm glad to see that you guys are checking the right sort of people, for the right reasons, and yes, even though I'm a labliar stooge, I could also be a rabid Islamist who's managed to get on the inside track through the careful voting of my Islamist friends; crack on, should I bend over now?"
  2. Good skills I'd say. I'm deeply suspicious about this guy anyway... I mean just WHAT does he do will all that taxpayers money he fiddles supposedly as his expenses?

    As Biped said, he should be praising the security at the airport not castigating it.
  3. Biped, i must say i fully agree with you there. Why does the minister think he should recieve special dispensation for being of Woggy-ish descent. He should also realise that he is setting an example to the rest of the Muslims who may be subjected to such searches.

  4. Agreed but unfortunately many people only want tough action as long as it doesn't affect their lives.

    Then of course we have King Abdullah claiming we don't do enough to prevent terrorism :roll: Not sure whether he's planning to be the pot or the kettle whilst swanning around London.
  5. :x This M.P. had 185,481 pounds for expenses in the last 12 months he was the highest biggest snout in the trough muslim or not. must be employing his total family with these expenses. British forces go without essential equipment whilst the top ones in Animal Farm grab the loot, :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ah well, the good thing on that score is that Parliament has withdrawn it's appeal to the FOI bods that would have removed the obligation for MP's to publish expense claimed for their partners or families FROM THE STATE.

    They tried hard to get that bit removed from the FOI, but realised belatedly that they might start riots in the streets. But hey, that's ANOTHER story for the NAAFI.
  7. Does this mean we'll be able to do the same to Barak if he wins the Presidency? Bet they'd love that.

    Before this descends into yet another 'bloody Muslims, why aren't they just grateful for all we've given 'em' type thread, remember that he is a Minister of the Crown and if he hasn't been well vetted beforehand then somebody's screwed up big time. This is just an unnecessary slap in the face to what's supposed to be their firmest ally and shows us exactly how much they value our contribution.
  8. I agree completely.


    Gwar Muslims. The next threat, I tell you. Find them wherever they hide...
  9. Why should ministers of the crown be above the law? Whats good for Joe Public is good for them. After all they are OUR employees.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    May I respectfully point you in the general direction of: Red Ken, George Galloway and last but not least Tony B. Liar?

    Edited to add: If anyone needed a thorough reaming out, followed by a session in an orange jumpsuit, it's these boys. Ministers of the Crown, my arrse!
  11. And of course many Labour Ministers of the Crown, recent past and present, had MI5 files opened on them as it was suspected that their beliefs and behaviour presented a threat to the security of the Realm.
  12. Following on from that , surely most the H of P represent a threat to the Realm
  13. The majority of foreign Government representatives would travel either with Diplomatic passport and therefore not go through security or be brought through a different channel so they didn't present a security risk at the airport. I agree that he should not have been stopped as a Senator of the United States would not be if on official business (that is if they have a passport).
  14. I'm not a bottom toucher, and overly concerned with mens apparel, but by all that is holy, a Gwar really shouldnt wear yellow.

    (Unless its a pillow case over his head, of course)

    There are airport immigration officers who would have refused him entry into the country dressed like that!
  15. More evidence of our status as a client kingdom..sorry, close ally.
    I mean, it's not unreasonable that a government minister on official business should be stopped and searched....its not like our own security services would have closely scrutinised him and given the Prime Minister an extensive dossier on the bloke...and probably still keep one eye on him....