Minister Defends Soldiers over Looted Weapons

Armed forces minister Adam Ingram today defended soldiers’ failure to prevent weapons being looted from a disused airport near their base after the end of the Iraq war.

A research team from the international group Human Rights Watch located 20 lorry containers packed with anti-aircraft shells, mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades near an old airport in Basra around one week after the end of the conflict in May last year.

The team approached British troops stationed nearby and asked them to secure the site because it was being looted by civilians, according to a HRW report published last month.

“Even though the site was less than 1km away from their headquarters, the British forces failed to secure the site,” HRW said.

British officers told HRW Watch that they did not have sufficient troops in Basra to guard abandoned munitions sites in addition to performing their other duties.

In a written answer Mr Ingram said that less than one week after the end of the war “it would have been reasonable at that time for the commanding officer concerned to make the decision that his current operational commitments did not allow him to release forces for guarding Iraqi ammunition stores”....
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In the immediate aftermath of taking Basra, every school, hospital and Baath Party building contained mini-arsenals. The naval base had container-loads of weapons and ammo. Efforts were made to collect and destroy as much as possible, but it would have taken every man, woman and child in the battlegroups to guard all of it. I saw looters risking life and limb to swim the Shatt al-Arab clinging on to tree-trunks to gain access to anything that wasn't nailed down or under armed guard.Patrols chased them off and they simply came back when we had gone.
typical fecking aid/civil liberties groups!!!

They always think that the army should be able to do everything and that it should drop all it was doing (like trying not to get slotted!!!) and listen to them!!!

The guys were busy trying to keep the peace and could not spare any guys to go and check it out!! This is what it is like in the post war vacuum! Get used to it!!

agent smith
Agent Smith

Do me a favour, and reduce the level/number of your ranty posts with profanity in them.

Failure to do so, will result in me taking an active interest in culling any I determine contain unnecessary profanity and circular rants.

Still not got the guts to post under your own login I notice :D
Civilian _In _Green said:
As long as you do us ALL a favour and reduce the number of your posts with self - importance and arrogance in them :evil:
Typical STAB :twisted:
"Typical STAB" - from a Civvie :lol: :lol:

Jealous of the fact most of us stabs have two jobs, I suppose.
Civilian _In _Green said:
Typical STAB :twisted:
And do 39,000 (2000 in Iraq) of us a favour and dispense with the 'STAB' business every time you get a critical response.

I'm feckin proud of being a STAB and showed that in Iraq last year. This knee-jerk sneer at those of us who manage to do full time jobs, bring up families and devote every 2nd weekend to the army and our own men at the expense of said families is pretty sad. You (I presume) may have chosen to be Reg. I didn't choose to be a Reg...... but then again I also didn't choose to be an accountant either, so I'm not. So why are you in some way superior
? Get the point??

The TA soaks up 1% of the army budget, but it's not 1/100th as good matey.
OK PTP, i will try to contain my disgust and not use any bad words in case i piss people off.:roll:

agent smith
Not asking you to contain your disgust AS, just asking you to keep the rant/profanity levels down a bit is all.
Gravelbelly said:
Yeah, but you'll have noticed the space between the "Civilian" and the rest of the username; namely, it's not "our" CiG, but a troll on a wind-up.
so that's the difference in the CIGs! bleeding heck man i've trying to figure it out how they both post under the same name

( :oops: apologies to the real CIG! thick (ex) Inf type)

p.s. for my own two bits, great admirer of you stab types, wife would never let me join up (the scream of "well why did you f*cking leave in the first place then! comes to mind)
STABs have been keeping the DMS/AMS going for the past 6 years. Without the TA Field Hospitals, I would have an Iraqi passport and be speaking fluent Serbo-Croat by now!

Thank you Ladies and Gents, keep joining and training (especially the Medics) as I do not want to go to the sandbox too often :wink:

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