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David Gauke’s Wife is Tax Avoidance Lawyer - Guy Fawkes' blog

This morning Guido named and shamed Treasury minister David Gauke – in his own words – as “morally repugnant” to be criticising others for their tax arrangements, but it doesn’t stop there. It turn’s out that Gauke’s wife Rachel is a professional support lawyer for Lexis Nexis, a company which boasts of its ability to “support every tax practitioner on the front line as they deal with the tax collector“. According to her personal profile Rachel “specialises in corporate tax law…and has advised on corporate restructurings, M&A, investment funds and finance“. Sounds like it an awkward weekend in the Gauke household…

David Gauke also claimed over £450,000 expenses between 2005-2009 remember that next time your £5.00 cab fare is investigated by JPA auditors.


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I can only recall the look of amazement at the plumber who visited recently when I asked if there was discount for cash, he had no idea what I was meaning and charged me the full amount.

I'm not breaking any laws - legal or moral- if I pay the man cash for the job done because I can't be bothered writing a cheque.
Up to him if he declares it- not me!


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Personally I'm disgusted, the middle classes should be ashamed at their lack of morality here.

The government desperately needs that cash to fire missiles at goat farmers.

May have nicked a little bit of that from Frankie Boyle.
David Gauke is my MP, the bloke is so out of touch with reality, I may have to book a slot at one of his surgeries to tell him what a waste of oxygen I think he is.

From his website:

"David's responsibilities in the Treasury includes most areas of tax policy and ministerial oversight of HM Revenue & Customs. In Parliament, he has led for the Government on two Finance Bills and the National Insurance Contributions Bill."

Should an MP with a tax lawyer wife really be influencing tax policy? Of course there is no conflict of interest.... They don't talk about work at all at home!
I refuse to listen to lectures on morality from any self-seeking, lying, morally bankrupt polyester suited, weasel - no matter what political party they belong to.

As far as I am concerned they all represent themselves as members of the "Me First" party.

I really am coming around to the idea that we do need a revolution to shoot a few of these people and sling a load more behind bars.

And introduce basic rules like all prospective politicians should have experience of the real world (ie business etc) and ALL lawyers should be barred from politics full stop.

This clown only needs to look inwards towards all the villagers in Westminster, most of whom are morally bankrupt to such an extent that any understanding of morals is something anathema to them, but I,ll still pay a bloke to do a foreigner for me, cash on the drum head, so feck 'em in government preaching to us. they get enough of my dosh anyway in taxation which I cannot avoid.

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