Minis with black tie?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by no-body, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. Was at a Hunt Ball last year with SWMBO, which was a great evening and obviously was black tie. Quite a few of the guys were wearing miniature medals in the appropriate place on their jackets as they would have done on Mess Dress. Just singles, pairs and small bars etc no stripes, crowns and Croix du Guerres on show, so whats the crack? Am I allowed to wear my medal of honour or what?
  2. You can do whatever you like. Its a free country.

    However my take on the social norms and conventions involved is that I would not expect medals to be worn. Its a purely civilian event with no connection to the military. You don't wear them to go out for a few jars down the pub, after all. Although if you wanted to you could.
  3. Miniatures are worn at some formal civilian functions, and the invitation will make clear if they are appropriate e.g. Dress: Black tie, decorations
  4. I must have missed that bit on the invite
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    From memory, and someone more cultured will be along in a minute, it's dependent on whether the do is black tie or white tie. In general this means little these days since blokes just go for a dinner jacket for both but in white tie you wear miniatures and in black tie you don't.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    'White Tie' is full evening dress i.e. 'Tops & Tails' with which orders and decorations (medals in miniature) can be worn as dictated by invitation. Decorations are also worn on 'Black Tie' i.e. evening dress, at full dress events, again as dictated by invite. See attached pics of Phil the Greek wearing mini-gongs in both dress states.

    Note that the above is merely convention. There is no law governing any of this.

    Philip_in_white_tie.jpg Duke_and_Hitoshi_Narita_2002.jpg
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  7. Indeed. I am digging out my finishing classes knowledge here, but both formal (full evening dress) and semi-formal (dinner jackets) evening functions may call for decorations. I got invited to the Vienna Opera Ball next year, and the dress code for gentlemen is full evening dress with decorations, for those who have them, whilst I get to wear a full-skirted ball gown and long gloves. The rules are governed by etiquette, which may vary from country to country, although one might sincerely hope that baggy trousers, pre-tied bow ties with wing collars, step lapels, and garish waistcoats, as displayed in the picture above, would results in a one-way ticket to sartorial hell everywhere.

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  8. We went to one of the many Vienna Balls that are held, last year. I wore White tie (ie tails, white mess jacket, wing collar, white tie (of course) and miniatures) and was appropriately dresse. However there were some guests who had been digging in the Dressing Up box and wore all manner of combinations, including an ex RWF (so he claimed) who wore a blazer and black tie, and a random selection of (allegedly) conferred medals and some bought bling - all full size, as it happened. Along with shoes from the 'Clarke's Orthopedic Range'. He made a bee-line for us when he saw British medals. We met him at a cocktail party at the Consulate recently, wearing teh same garb, except for a conventional tie.

    As reported elsewhere, he is a bit of a pseud/walt but regarded as harmless and colourful.

    I have also worn miniatures at High Table and Temple Dinners (I was invited to Lincoln's Inn) and that was appropriate. I guess it's all about the audience. Hunt balls have a long association with the Cavalry, so I would expect miniatures to be worn, where entitled.
  9. I went to a civvy black tie dinner earlier this year and wore my minis - why? Because I could - I never bought a drink all night...
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  10. I wore my miniatures to a high fallutin' society wedding in Boston (not the one full of Latvians) and didn't fork out all night, plus I copped off with a local filly.

    Wear the *******
  11. Went to a civpol wedding last year everyone wore full sized and attended black tie do this year with minitures.

    I think you should look at invite first, or put them in pocket as a sort of free beer/filly token for later on.
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  12. Good man! That's the standard being set...