Minimum TA training requirements for bounty

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mrdizzy, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. If a unit states that you have to attend specific training weekends to obtain you bounty are they breaking the law,(the Reserve FOrces Act). So even if you have done the more than the required six weekends they will not give you the bounty as you have not attended the stated weekends in this case called Gold Weekends??
    Anyone any ideas????
  2. On two different forums? - you must be cross.....
  3. Perhaps I’m being ignorant but why would you unit be breaking the law by telling you what you need to do to earn your bounty?
    And even if you do put in the minimal amount of attendance, you still have to pass your ITDs. Why should you get you bounty if you can’t pass a CFT for example?

    I don’t see what your reaching for, TA soldiers who put in the minimal amount of effort are borderline time wasters.
  4. Or more precisely oxygen thieving bounty hunters (who should be culled).