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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mrdizzy, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. If a unit states that you have to attend specific training weekends to obtain you bounty are they breaking the law,(the Reserve FOrces Act). So even if you have done the more than the required six weekends they will not give you the bounty as you have not attended the stated weekends in this case called Gold Weekends??
    Anyone any ideas????
  2. Humour me - whyfor are they breaking the law by identifying specific weekends - I had no idea this was covered by RFA. Is it me?
  3. Do the "more than the required six weekends" include ITD weekends? Are the "specific training weekends" the ITD weekends?

    Just do ALL the weekends - it saves hassle.
  4. They can't force you to do certain weekends. If you have a valid excuse, then use it.

    Otherwise they can put your ITDs on certain weekends altogether. If you miss out on your ITDs, you won't get your bounty. No cash baby. :( No chance to catch up either.

    I know from personal experience that there may be one or two 'stared' weekends in a year that you have to attend to get your ITDs in- hence your bounty.

    Attend them. Get the cash.
  5. Heaven forbid that the Army would expect you to actually complete some 'proper' (demanding?) training before they give you a handout. Maybe you should try McDonalds - they will probably pay you for a weekend of mindless menial tasks?
  6. 34 Sigs dropped the 'Must Attend' weekends for bounty, its not possible to stop a bounty if you've missed a weekend.

    However if you ain't done the camp, minimum MTDs and ITDs, you ain't gonna get it
  7. Thanks for your help with this chaps. I have completed camp and all my ITD's but as I haven't attended enought Gold weekends, so there is the possibility I won't get my bounty. I think this is not right as they stated six weekends and camp to qualify for your bounty. Does anyone know of any legislation be it civil (Reserve Forces Act) or Military (Queens Regs, etc) that state the minimum requirements for bounty qualification.
    The reason why I'm asking all of this is not because I'm a shirtking waster but because my first child was borne a week ago and I may not be able to attend any more weekends before April. So I need your help lads. Cheers
  8. its not difficult to qualify for bounty unless you been deployed :) .
  9. Your CO has discretion on this if you are deemed "effective" but, for valid reasons, can't attend mandated training. Some CO's will allow a cse in lieu of camp for example. Speak to your Adj if in doubt.
  10. Give it another week and you'll WANT to attend ALL the weekends before April. (Says the man who got married on a Thursday and went to Camp on the Friday 8) )
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    In my experience units usually try and find ways to get bounties paid (often when they should not be), rather than ways to not pay. Its a retention issue. I stand to be corrected but I can't see a unit blocking a bounty because you missed one weekend but have otherwise met the minimum requiremnt. It might p1ss you off, and you might stop bothering to attend at all.

    That said I understand why the unit is starring certain weekends. A lot of time and energy (and expense) goes into planning of some training. The planners want max attendance. Of course if the training is imaganitive and interesting the troops will show up anyway.
  12. The TA Regs say you only have to complete 12 days training, a 15 day camp and pass your ITDs. However, the CO also has to deem you efficient for your role or post. Some CO's take the line that if you have not completed certain training and exercises in the past year you have not show you are efficient in your role. That why some TA units state that you must complete certain weekends. It is not illegal because it is up to your CO to decide if the individual is awarded the Certificate of Efficiency (bounty). The TA regulations can be viewed on Armynet, they have all the regulations on the Bounty.
  13. Are you sure the CO is calling his gold weekends as effective training, and some of the other ones you have done as addition, non bounty qualifying training days.

    Just a thought. CO normally states that there will be a number of weekends that a reserve guy must attend. For example the unit will be running 6 Gold weekends, he will state that you must attend (eg 2 or 3 complete weekends).
  14. The CO is perfectly within his rights to 'Star' weekends, as already said this ensures that max attendance for really valuable training - When I was an SPSI these weekends were arranged and advertised as such whilst still in the previous training (and therefore bounty) year. They were spread out over the year, were different for each sub-unit of the Bn to allow you even more choice of which ones to attend, and to top it all of, they were actually cracking weekends - OBUA village attacks with masses of ammo (more in fact than I see now with a regular Regt in Trg!.....) and the like.

    All in all, if its well advertised, good value training then I reckon the CO has EVERY right to bin the bounty of someone who cant be arsed to turn up - you get all year to sort your bounty qualifications out, pointless moaning about it in February, thats just poor admin on your part and it does not constitiute an emergency on your CO/PSI/PSAO's part.........

    Whats the term we used for the folk who only turned up in Jan/Feb/Mar - BOUNTY-HUNTERS..........

    Not one of them but its back-fired and you've left it too late are you?............
  15. msr

    msr LE

    No he doesn't - there's no provision inTA Regs to allow this and it was the subject of a legal challenge some years ago.