Minimum sleep time for cadets

Discussion in 'ACF' started by AuPt, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know which regulation stipulates how many hours sleep a cadet must have when away on exercise? Or possibly, the regulation might refer to how many continuous hours break there must be between one day and the next.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

  2. Same as you get in the Army - so the recruiting Sgt said.
  3. This needs to go in the Naafi
  4. Hours break from one day to the next?

    Usually from 2359 to 0001 if you're lucky.

    Do you tend to fall asleep on newspapers friend? :D
  5. Never been a cadet, however had them tag along on a few Ex's.

    They slept and had more breaks than the ANA :roll:
  6. Depends how long it takes for their AI's to blow their load
  7. I concur. :roll:
  8. As do I. :twisted:
  9. Well someone's got to give a serious answer, so here goes. No reference, I'm afraid, but our little (full-time paid adults) dears now require 8 hours unbroken head-down time whilst under training, so I can't see why cadets should get any less.
  10. Seriously? I hope this applies only when under training? Actually It would be better if it didn't apply at all...

    What about when their on ex with a stag roster?
  11. Why??

    Driving - yep, understand why
    Flying - yep, understand why
    Surgery - yep, understand why
    Cadet on a mildly aggressive camping holiday - Nope, cant see why there is a mandated sleep requirement. Why bother going if you aint going to get tired?
  12. Whats the betting either "health and safety" or "rights" is part of the answer?
  13. Never seen any requirement in any of the H&S bibles they issue. Use your common sense; an older, more mature and enthusiastic group might well be OK with five or six hours; stroppy little shits will need a bit more.

    I hope you're going to make them do a proper stag all night as well :D
  14. in as far as I am aware there is no actual rule regarding sleep time, generally on camp the cadet should be in bed for 22:00 and up for 06:00 giving them 8 hours of sleep, in fact it is difficult to get them to sleep on the first night sometimes the second night, due to the excitement of camp, they soon go to sleep quick enough if we train them hard enough :D in the field 2 stars are expected to take on stag rosters and live with reduced sleep.

    As for us Adults, we don't all the sleep we should get, we are on duty all the time, we would all be expected to turn out if it kicks, in theory we go to bed for 23:00 or when teh the last cadet is bedded down, we wake up about 05:30 to adminsiter ourselves before Cadets own reveille.

    this is specific to my County, I am sure other Counties are similar.
  15. Do you get up half an hour before them, Semper and watch them?