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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wildbill8989, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone on this site for the informative, unbiased (politically) information that they've contributed, it has been seriously
    appreciated. However there is one question that I have been unable to answer, and that is what is the minimum service for an Officer? Obviously
    asking this at an interview doesn't send out the best message and Whilst I'm not planning on jumping ship at the first opportunity, it would be
    foolish to go in unaware of all the facts and this is something the MOD seems to want to keep to itself (understandably).

    If this has been posted before apologies I did look.

  2. It's on all the recruiting stuff. It's essentially four years although I believe they may be changing this soon.
  3. i think its the same as a soldier, 4 years minimum service and you must give a years notice if you're looking to leave
  4. Sandhurst (1 year) plus 3 years commissioned service, unless it has changed since I commissioned.
  5. Essentially yes, although short service commissions are now for 8 years, with an opt out clause for both the army and you at the 3 year point. So effectively a minimum of 3 years service post commissioning still.
  6. Does that mean that, by default an officer will stay in beyond 3 years, rather than having to be actively extended? I suspect that this means that the way things have of following the easiest path means that some officers will be retained beyond three years when they would not (in previous years) have had their commissions extended beyond the initial three years.