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what is the period after 28days basic training that you can leave? for an over 18 year old. iv had a look around the site, and even spoke to someone online on the army website chat, who just told me "minimum is 4 years" even though i asked for the period after 28 days training. i know everything else, its just this one little bit of info i need!


yes, because i need to know them for my interviews
So you went on the Army website and read the bit that said 4 years but didn't believe it so you spoke to the online recruiting team and they told you 4 years and you didn't believe them so you've come on to an anonymous website where you've been told 4 years, and wouldn't bother with any interviews, if you can't digest information from the official Army website then you're probably not what they're looking for.
4 years return of service. You can terminate at 3 years, not possible for the early release scheme.
i was told at my first interview that its 4 years 3 months, return service, with a years notice. and i was sure he said after the 28 days basic there was a period of a couple of weeks or something that you can leave. or is that just for under 18's? :s he said i WILL have to know this for my future interviews
after 28 days you can sign a DAOR (discharge as of right) you can sign this upuntil the 3rd month of training
thats what you mean isnt it?
DAOR is after 28 days up to 3 months if Over 18 or up to 6 months if under 18.

Veng (Short) is a 12 year contract from date of attestation with a 4 year minimum (so can sign off after 3 years) from age of 18. In certain circumstances though dependant on lenght of Trade training you may find that more technical trades (eg Airtech/Avionics) you may have a time bar once completed trade training.

Once offered a place in training this information is all in your 271W (your copy) and the 271A (contact you sign first day of training).

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