Minimum Service

Right I'm not talking to get your bounty, I'm talking before you get yur marching orders, I understand that you pretty much can do what you can do but how far exactly can you push it ?

Whats the worst case of lazyiatus you have seen ?
You should receive a letter after three months of non attendance and then again at six months (warning you that you are at risk of discharge), unless you have applied for an 'official' reduced commitment or have an agreement with your OC.

It all depends on the unit and your personal circumstances. A few years ago, I think people could disappear for months at a time, without being followed up, but SPS inspections and a more robust level of interest from those above, seems to have changed that.

Nowadays if you're going to hide for a while, as was said above, you do have to ensure there's a paper trail! Cosy little deals that the PSAO and/or PSI doesn't know about, are rarely good!

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