minimum service only 4years? not quite...

in phase1 i signed a contract to effect that the minimum length of service was 4years (and three months) starting from the beginning of phase1.

i am now well into my phase2 training.

now everyone has been told to sign a new contract. this contract over-rides the original and is quotes our minimum length of service as being "4 years from the completion of phase2!".

this NOT what i signed up to on the original contract. the morons around me have signed this (effectively signing up for a further 2years on their original term of service) without question.

what is the point of a contract if they can write a new one whenever they like?

also what do you reckon's in store for me if i don't sign this NEW contract? no doubt a very hard time.

has this happened to anybody else- what's the legality on this issue?


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Don't sign, simple as that. If they try to force you insist on discussing the matter with an employment solicitor and confirm to them in writing that you wish to take independent legal advice.

They tried this with me in 1984 when they realised that they had taken me on a training course without making me switch to a 9 year contract.

As I would finish my 6 years almost 3 years to the day that I completed trade training and my family was politically connected they sucked their necks in.

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