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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parabol, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. For the job of Communication Systems Engineer, it states you need GCSE C in Maths, English and a Science-based subject.

    I noticed this job isn't on my job list I got after completing my BARB test. I scored highly, and have put it down to having a D in Science. I have the C's in Maths and English though.

    I'm wondering if they give you a bit of leeway when it comes to min grades, if you have other qualifications? I have a GNVQ in ICT, which I'm hoping would overrule having a D in Science considering it has a lot of relevance to what I'm choosing. I'm also studying for my National Diploma for Public Services, whether that will help or not I'm not sure.

    I mentioned it briefly to my careers adviser, but I should be talking about it more tomorrow with him though! Just thought I'd bring it up to see if any of you guys have still got your jobs despite not having the stated min grades.
  2. I've been asking this same question (albeit regarding the RMP and not having a C in my Maths). I'm not sure if the GNVQ in ICT will help but the Public services accounts for something like the equivelant of 2 (or 3) A-levels if I'm not mistaken, so that may be of help. I'm popping in on Friday to ask about it. Good luck with your Pre-ADSC tomorrow by the way.
  3. Cheers buddy! No doubt I'll know a lot more about it tomorrow so I'll report back. 8)
  4. Hate to break it to you, public services is naff all to the army it wont give you any extra boost over recruits without it, whereas better GCSE's will.
  5. I'm sure it helps in some way or another, hence why the army are paying me two grand to finish the course. The diploma will at least show I've got commitment.
  6. In regards to having the ICT qual - rather than the C in science , they won't overlook or take it into account. CSE , was what i originally wanted to do , however having a grade out of place no longer makes you eligible for that trade.

    Hope This Helps

    Syn :)
  7. it is possible to be shaded if u show the correct aptitude, i origonally applied for electrician (CRE) i was told they would consider shading me as ive worked in construction and have an NVQ level 3 and a BTEC National diploma in building studies, unfortunatley there was alot of competition for that bt they have shaded me for air con/ refrigeration fitter (CRE) which need the same grades. so really it just depends if they need to fill places in that job if not i wouldnt bet on it. just waiting for my selection date now been told i could be in by may :)
  8. So there is some hope. I scored high on BARB test, got 78. So thats bound to help too. If not I'd be pretty gutted. Ehh.. we'll see.
  9. yeh aslong as theres isnt too many people trying to get on that course i got 63 on the BARB and was told 60 can get u in any job in the army given you have the correct qualifications (i didnt ha) but i agree with david2008 public services is a complete waiste of time and effort full stop! but just have a word down ur recruitment office if they can shade u they will if not jus go in the infantry and be cannon fodder :1: