Minimum pay rise on promotion

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_Flumps, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the minimum pay rise on promotion is? I think it might be 3%
  2. I thought it was 2% - I stand by to be corrected though
  3. I too think it is 2%. Unless it is a Capt to Major which is about 5%.
  4. Beeb told by AGC shiny bum at my Unit that it is 2%.
  5. Army Pay Warrant:

    454C. Promotion. On substantive promotion under the provisions of Articles 406 – 430 or the grant of acting rank, individuals will normally move to the level 1 rate in the next higher rank in the band as appropriate to the individual’s EQ. Where the individual’s rate of pay on the day before promotion plus 2% is more than the level 1 rate in the next higher rank, the individual will be assimilated to the next highest incremental point in that rank and band equal to or above the previous rate plus 2%. These individuals will then progress annually subject to meeting the criteria at Article 454A.
  6. "the individual will be assimilated"

    I thought that this was a pay question TF asked :)
  7. Unless you are Capt lvl 9 with specialist pay and then its a generous pay cut, which takes several years to get back.
  8. Erm yeah . . . thats what the clerks quoted me as well ... and i still dont get it! What happened to a simple answer like "Yes"?