Minimum MATT for bounty

well all of them, just ask your PSI!!

I think this question ranks right up there with the ubiquitous 'What days pay day this month?' question


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It varies as to the Opinion of the person in Charge of the Train set - your CO. So for us NBC has been tinned as we don't have the time to find a respirator chamber. Everything else we have to pass - Phis, V&S, Ranges etc or be denied your bounty.
I'm surprised that you FAB types don't know this one.

We operate at level 2 and passes are 1, 3-9, 2 - AFT passed, PFA attempted with best effort (and showing improvement each time completed)
For bounty, this is slightly complicated by TA Fitness Policy.

You can fail your PFT, so long as your pathetic failure of an attempt is a "genuine best effort". You cannot fail AFT.

This does not mean that you are not required to pass PFT as part of your MATTS. But it does mean that you can partially fail your MATTS and still be awarded bounty.

However, if you fail PFT, the procedure for management of PFT failures still applies, which can lead to AGAI67 action and discharge. (Though I suspect it very rarely does).


Of course, failing your PFA could give your command structure reasonable concern about your ability to attempt the AFT safely. For your own protection ,they might chose not to let you attempt the AFT until you have proven you have a base level of fitness by passing your PFA.

It's 'elf n safety you know - got to make sure the fat phys dodgers don't hurt themselves!
You ought to attempt 2 PFTs a year. 1 in the first half of the training year, a further one in the second half, IIRC. Doing 2 a fortnight before the trg year ends doesn't count unless you can prove that you were unable to attempt it at any of the previos occasions that they were being run.

Or at least that was the CO's policy in my last place, and he has to sign off your certificate of efficiency in order for you to to be eligible for your bounty. Hence the guidelines are repeated on Part One Orders with wearisome regularity and significant detail. Everyone therefore knows the score and can't use ignorance as an excuse when April rolls around once more.
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Knowing you as I do. I’m guessing that you’ve been pissing the CoC off again and there’re playing the old lets shaft him for his bounty game. In which case, you will probably have to complete MATT 96 (Arse ******* an angry hippo in full IPE). Still water of a ducks back, to a man of your ability.

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