Minimum height/weight.

Hey guys, bit of a stupid way to make a first post but i dnt care.
So im thinking of joining they army soon enough but im not quite sure if i will make the weight required because i simply dont know what it is.
Most days im barley 9 stone, but some days im nearly 9 and a half, and im around 5'7.
Been doing 100 push ups + and 50 sit ups for a few months everyday now plus i just started doing weights and i dnt want it all to goto wast now do i.

Iv look around on the net, but i just cant find it. i know the marines require you to be atleast 9st 6lb's. Any help would be greatly apprectiated on this subject.


Im 9st & 5ft 8... When the recruiter weighed me at AICO he didn't mention it would be a problem at all...
Thanks, last time i used that bmi thingingymabob i was 18.5 and just under, but that bbc one im 19.5 and healthy.
Gunna go to ACO tomorow, and if its a problem well then atleast ill know.

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