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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DisorderlyChimp, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Right, I'm starting to do some more research on the different roles I'm possibly interested in...

    I'm already quite familier with the diferent infantry roles, and am also doing some research re' Artillery - but another area that interests me is some of the REME trades.

    I quite like the look of Armourer, Metalsmith, and possibly even Vehicle Mechanic.
    BUT; it looks like I may fall foul of the specified minimum grades.

    These roles specify a requirement for a GCSE grade of D in Mathematics, Double Science, and English Language.
    I have the D in Mathematics, and have a C in Double Science - but only an E for English language.

    Now my GCSE's were 14yrs ago and I'd like to think I've developed somewhat since then, and surprisingly at (almost) 30yrs old (and after a succesful 10+ year career in IT Service Management/Support) this is the first time in my life that my GCSE results have had any bearing on my future.

    Question is: am I automatically ruled out for those trades, or is there any way for me to prove my aptitude?
    - I have my BARB, interview, etc, on Monday morning at the local ACIO, so will raise it there - but wondered if anyone here may have any info so that I have a rough idea of what to expect and/or what to ask for...

  2. Judging by your post, your written English is of a much higher standard than most of the potential recruits who post here, so I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.
  3. as a reme guy i cant see you having a prob
  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm just wondering how I show this at the ACIO.

    My concern is whether perhaps it's simply a case of having grades entered into the system, and being automatically ruled out without having any means to prove my worth.

    Just really want to know if there is some room for the odd missed grade, or whether that's the end of the story.
  5. there is scope at the ACIO also some of guys currently here havent got the "full " grades but have other stuff

    no matter what you will still have to do the foundation course and proove yourself at bordon first
  6. Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    Just a quick note to say that the morning went well; a decent score (84) on the BARB, as well as a good show for the Literacy & Numeracy tests, were followed by a good chat with the recruiting Sgt who said that he was more than happy to try and get me "shaded" for the roles I wanted.

    Anyway, definately REME bound; I'm down for Armourer (1st choice) or V.Mech (2nd choice), and it's now just a case of getting through the medical (again) and then interviews & ADSC (again) - I say "again" because I recently went through these as a prospective STAB, so in theory I at-least know that I SHOULD have nothing to worry about.

    One last thing to add - you can forget the stereotype of ACIO's trying to steer/push you into thier favourite regiment. My recruiting Sgt is in The Rifles, and was more than happy to spend 2 hours discussing and explaining all of the options in depth; of course you could tell he was keen on his own regiment, but to his credit he was genuinely more interested in making sure that he was able to help me make the right choice.

    All in all, a positive start...
  7. I take it you have no interest in carrying on you IT career?
  8. No, to be honest I'd been wanting to get out of it for years.
    It may have payed the bills (well, at least until the "credit-crunch" caused my redundancy a few months back) but was boring as hell.
    I never wanted to get too techy, so after jumping onto the management ladder it just became a silly game of snakes & ladders, with each move decided on the strength of who was friends with who.

    Funny thing is, I always fancied being either a gunsmith (always had a love of shooting) or a mechanic - and now the army is giving me the chance to pick one of those and make another life out of it.
  9. Just my Non-REME opinion, but I would suggest that VM would be a better call for after than Armourer.

    I am not slagging them off but there is not much call for them in civvy street, is there?
  10. I can see where you're coming from - and you do have a point, but I'm going in purely to do what I want to do, rather than planning a post-army career.
    Besides - at (almost) 30 now, by the time I've served my 22yrs; who know's what I may decide to do with my remaining working life...

    Not trying to rubish your opinion (far from it) - just made the decission to live for the "now".

  11. Good choice to make the most of it! No point being in a joib half heartedly..