Minimum drawing rates and CSA payments.

I am a little confused about the MDR as specified in JSP 754. It states that 50% of your pay can be taken. However, it goes on to say with regards to recoveries from pay that
"Deductions from pay may be authorised when personnel have failed to comply with a Maintenance Assessment (MA) made by the Child Support Agency (CSA) and an Interim Maintenance Assessment (IMA) has been raised and a Deductions of Earnings (DER) request has been received." and that
"Where a public debt is greater than 4 days’ gross pay,......the individual will be notified by the JPAC that they have two pay periods within which they may appeal against the debt(s), or for them to volunteer to pay the debt(s) off at a rate greater than 4 days’ gross pay per month (see 02.0607). If the individual unsuccessfully appeals against the debt(s) and does not elect to pay of the debt(s) at a rate greater than 4 days’ gross pay per month, then the debt(s) will be recovered at a maximum rate of 4 days’ gross pay per month and the outstanding debt(s) will be carried forward for recovery in succeeding months also at a rate not greater than 4 days’ gross pay per month. "

Therefore, can I elect to pay back CSA at 4 days gross pay per month or can they take 50%?? I have been paying at the old Minimum rates of pay currently.

I would appreciate some clarification on this, if possible.

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