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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GeneralPurposeMachineGum, May 7, 2009.

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  1. I'm doing my RSW this weekend at Strensall (joining 4 YORKS in Boro). I'll then attest on the following Tuesday night.

    My missus is worried that I'll then be away every weekend and every Tuesday night and that I'll be mobilised for Ops straight away.

    I've tried to reassure her that I'll most likely only do one weekend per month and a 2 or 3 Tuesday nights per month and that it's highly unlikely that I'll be mobilised. Having spoken to my TAC, they said that they currently have 98 volunteers for Ops with only 60 or so spaces. They haven't mobilised anyone since Telic 1...

    My knowledge of what the minimum commitment is isn't that great but from what I've heard everyone understands that it's family > job > TA so if there were any dramas with the TA, I could jack it in or reorganise it to fit around family and job...

    So my question really is: if you're signing up for a minimum of 3 years, what the deal with jacking it in before finishing the 3 years? In other words, if the shit hits the fan and the missus goes mental and threatens to leave me coz of the TA, am I able to jack it in?
  2. You don't sign up for 3 years with the TA... you can leave at any time (other than after a brown envelope drops on your doormat - which shouldn't happen unless you're compulsory mobilised - which is unlikely at the moment).
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yes. Despite rumour control saying they might try to stop people binning it ahead of FORCED Voluntary Mobilisation for Afghan, I doubt they would try it after the amount of people who sacked it in 2003 ahead of Telic 1. If your Missus did the full waterworks/psycho routine/etc, you would be fine - IF (and thats a big if) it came to that. But I doubt it would. Don't sweat it.
  4. The minimuim is 27 days a year including a 15 day annual camp in your first year this will be 9 weekends of recruit traing and a two week CIC plus any weekends with your Battalion. You can normally do a lot more days than than the min' as you could be classed as a 'bounty hunter'. In my lot Royal Signals we do approx 2 weekends a month, your drill night on a Tuesday is only 2 hours! There is NO composulry mobilisation now. But with the nature of the TA beast these days you might well be mobilised during your TA career. You will be on a Veng engagement of 12 years, but you can leave at anytime.

  5. As said already 27 Day plus your 15 Day annual camp. Your recruit selection can take up to 9 weekends most alternate weekends then your respective trade training.

    Once out of trainning and with your Coy/Bn you can look at 1 - 2 weekends a month, but it varies between units and the time of year.

    Your sign on period is for 3 years and you can leave when you want except when the brown envelope arrives.

    As for your Bn not mobilising since Telic 1 I am astounded, our Bn (Inf) has been battered for both Telic and Herric/ Op Occulus since 2003 95% of the Bn has been on Ops.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    You sign up for 12 years now.

    In simple terms, you can leave at any time, unless you have received your mobilisation papers*.

    There is no continuing liability once you have left.

    *Errors & Omissions Excepted
  7. Bejseus never knew that everydays a school day
  8. For some reason given that I cannot recall, I was 'made' (insofar as no one forced me, but it was the only option other than leaving) to sign up for 6 years.

    This was before VEng, but while everyone else was signing on for 3 years.

    Wish I could recall why... something to do with convenience of not having to get me to re-sign in 3 years. Or sommat.
  9. I think he means compulsory mobilised as there is the statement of 98 volunteers for 60 slots

    I agree with all said and if you don't want to tour you usually can get out of it, but I advise you to at least prepare your self for the chance to tour and not run with the attitude of never ever
  10. I have recently found this thread and have a couple of concerns.

    The first one is that you are just joining and already concerned about doing the minimum. What are your motives for joining?

    Secondly, you have said that your partner has some concerns. Have you discussed fully with her what the consequences of your service are.

    Thirdly, it is extremely unlikely that you will be mobilised immediately, and even after serving some time, the chance of a compulsory mobilisation is remote. However, do you really think that you will want to stay at home whilst all of your friends disappear off on an all expenses spared foreign holiday.

    I am not trying to dissuade you from joining, but would recommend that you have a good hard look at your motives for joining as well as the consequences of doing so.
  11. The current (or not so) Mrs Willis left me, not because of the TA but because she hates my guts. Now am having a great time. Divorce, the way forward! Never had an odd sock or a bad meal since she went, fantastic!
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I would share the same concerns as CombatCarer. Wife (or husband or partner) playing up is the reason a lot of people leave. Its always amusing when you meet them, they have that crestfallen pussywhiped look of any man who has had his nuts removed. The good news is that a significant number choose to ditch the bitch and crack on with life.
  13. plenty of bad socks & odd meals no doubt
    not jealous one bit me
  14. Isn't it 12 yrs for offrs and 3 for ORs?
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Terms of Enlistment 5.022. With effect from 1 April 2007 the initial term of enlistment shall be for 12 years except in the case of ex-regular solders enlisted at age 43 or above. In peace time successful applicants are to be enlisted into the corps of their choice and are to be posted to whichever unit in that corps they may select provided that:

    For Officers I do not believe there is a term of enlistment.

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