Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tattoo_man_96, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know what the score is yet for riding minimoto's on the go-kart track? Looking into getting one but hear there is a bit of a conflict goin on at mo with rules laid down by garrison!

    Anyone help?
  2. Any go cart track in particular or just random ones around the country? I reckon there's one or 2 out there that probably do this.
  3. ha ha........the one on camp strangly enough!
  4. What camp in particular would that be then. Just last time i looked this was the sigs forum not the ASKING RANDOM BONE QUESTIONS ABOUT BLANDFORD ONE.
  5. forget it bull
  6. Ask whoever operates the track mate. I expect the Garrison would be worried about their liability should you stack the bloody thing and hurt yourself or someone else. They might be happy for you to use it if you had sufficient liability insurance. Dont ask dont get mate.

  7. cheers boney.

    you got one?
  8. If its IP enabled he will have...

  9. ah IS boy eh?
  10. Have a word with the RP's if you dare! as they are heading up the mini-moto club on camp.
  11. thanks mate
  12. mmmmmmmmm, IP enabled minimoto's. Just think of the possibilities. Unfortunately we would be forced to use Bowman as a bearer, so were fcuked :wink:

  13. very true, could try cormorant instead!!!
  14. Dont be silly, could u imagine a bird riding one of them little bikes. Their wings wouldnt be ably to grip the handlebars and they would only fall off every 10 metres.
  15. Maybe the Ptarmigan is a more suitable bird for a minimoto?

    Well that this thread gone to the wall then.