Minimi/UGL: One for the Infantry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Whiskey_60, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. How many TA Infantry lads actually have access to Minimi/UGL prior to deploying on tour?

    I was just pondering about this, my local Engineers Regt have a couple of LMGs in their armoury and train with it regularly. Now I know we get gen'd up on these weapon systems when we deploy (usually) but we've had LMG since 2001 now and as far as I know regular Inf battalions have these issued when not on Ops. When will TA Inf start seeing these so lads can get a heads up on them before deploying on Ops or continue to use them when they come back off Ops?

    We're still using LSWs on Ex too as the only GPMGs we have are with our Gun Pl, again the local Sappers have a few GPMGs and regularly get them out on the ranges.

    This is not a rant, just curious to see if it's just my Bn!

  2. On a positive note however we are getting our L96s back!
  3. We had one of each at Bn HQ but they have been sent to a sandy place. I'm mobilising in 2 weeks for H10 and the SPSI did promise a week of pre training to fam on the kit before hand but it hasn't materialised so far!
  4. We've got 2 GPMG's in our Sqn no-one qual'd to instruct on them though :roll:
  5. I think we have acess to one at the company location not 100% on that.
    We've had a few field firing w/ends this year 100rds minimi or so and half a dozen UGL rds per man.
    Mercian btw
  6. Bummer, I was thinking this thread was about some new awesomely heavy support weapon combo!!!
  7. Only saw Minimi once, and never saw UGL prior to deploying. During pre-deployment, Minimi was taken off gunners and they were given LSW's - amazing :/
  8. Don't we use the LMG :roll:
  9. Apparently not until we get deployed.

  10. We are scalled for them but they remain at BHQ, and come out on big Exercises, however we can bid for them on smaller exercises to top up the firepower and add some more realism and training benfit for the lads.

    We also have a good relationship with our Reg Bn although one is in Germany, which means when we can and with enough notice, we can have access to their armouriers.

    As for bloke strainined up SAA Inst aren't a problem, and we also have enough guys that have been on Ops, that have been used and trained on the kit.
  11. I wonder if this is the same for us and someone forgot to mention it!

    It'd be good to see 1 - 2 LMGs at each Coy location just for training purposes rather than deploying on ex with them scaled properly to the sections, the same with UGL.
  12. I'm glad you brought this up. I'm off on Herric 11 and due to start PDT early next year.
    Just had a couple of briefs this weekend about both the tour and PDT, and Minimi/UGL training didn't seem to be on the cards, even when I brought a question up about it.
    I asked around back at my unit and got a few shoulder shrugs and a "You should do"
  13. Check PMs please mate
  14. We had LMG's and UGL's on our annual camp, I was LMG gunner for the whole two weeks and was given the chance to pass both my WHT and APWT on it, then went on to live field firing with it. Been waiting on them in our Coy armoury for many months though...
  15. I'm guessing we'll start seeing them at Coy level soon, LMG atleast but maybe not UGL.

    I bet the Rifles don't have this problem...